Unsung Heroes: Celebrating Candice Patton as Iris West on The Flash

Candice Patton's Iris WestWelcome to our Unsung Heroes article series! Throughout the month of April one of our goals at CarterMatt is celebrating performances and roles for their creativity and inspiration. In this peak TV era, there are so many roles that some can get lost when it comes to getting their due. We don’t want to see that happen, and that’s especially true for a great character like Iris West on The Flash.

One of the challenges with a character like Iris starts when it comes to establishing her identity. Yes, she is a love interest for Barry Allen, and we’re sure that if the average fan were to list three things about her, that would be one of them. Yet, she’s also so much more than that in between being an accomplished reporter, a reader, occasional superhero (hence the picture above), and positive force within both STAR Labs and Central City.

How is Iris a hero to the team? That’s pretty simple: By offering them stability. Think about everything that she’s been through, whether it be finding out she has a brother to losing Barry to the speed force to losing Barry to prison. She’s never wavered for too long, and she is a source of stability and support to everyone from Cisco to Harry to anyone else who steps into STAR Labs. These are all characters with a varying degree of instability and she allows them to have someone to rely on no matter the circumstance.

Beyond just being a hero to the team, Iris also serves as a hero to viewers watching at home. She’s proof-positive to the fact that you don’t have to be just any one thing in order to be a success story in life. You can change careers and be a supportive spouse while standing out on your own. There isn’t anything that has to hold you back no matter the adversity.

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As for Candice Patton’s performance…

That’s also another obvious part of the equation. Her constant presence is one of the biggest reasons why The Flash is so successful. You relate to her, you feel for her, and you also cheer for her. Even though she (typically) doesn’t have powers in a world full of them, she feels every bit as strong as everyone else. Patton has excelled in creating a real human in this superhuman world, someone who offers up plenty of wisdom beyond her years and also inspiration to everyone in need.

Remember, not all heroes wear capes, and even if she’s not wearing the costume in the attached photo Iris and Patton are very much worthy of all of the praise.

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