NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 19 review: How did Shalita Grant leave?

NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 19Odds are, you have heard the news about Shalita Grant leaving NCIS: New Orleans going into season 4 episode 19. Yet, there was a larger question here to ponder over — how in the world did it happen?

Going into this episode, it felt reasonably clear that we were going to see the character of Sonja Percy depart due to her accepting a new position over at the FBI. Yet, there was still a surprising air of mystery that was thrown in when she claimed that she wanted to stay, after all. Yet, something still seemed off. Was she sticking around just because she didn’t want to let anyone down? We wondered.

Soon after this, Percy was thrown directly into a high-stakes mission (hence the title of “High Stakes”) where she had to find a target in the midst of a gambling operation. This was one of the boldest undercover missions that she’s been on, and you could see in part through her aggressive behavior that there was something amiss with her that she wasn’t talking about as openly as she otherwise would.

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By the end of the episode, Percy finally admitted the truth to herself — she was able to resolve the case with the help of LaSalle, and in the process revealed that she only was staying because of the good of the team. She had to think of herself and what she wanted — with that, she went and told the truth to Pride as to how she was feeling. Her final goodbye was sweet, as she shared a moment with many different members of the team before finally having a nice moment with LaSalle. It was only appropriate that he utter the line about “what could’ve been,” especially since we’re going to be wondering the same thing. We understand Grant wanted to leave, but there is something sad about not getting to see this couple come to fruition.

What’s happening with Laurel?

Basically, Pride learned that she had an opportunity to embark on a new path in music, but there was some indecision happening on her part as to how to take it. (What was it about this episode and indecision?) The parallels between these stories were obvious since they each represented Pride having to come to terms with the fact that he can’t have what he wants forever, even if he wants to — Laurel may never be home full-time just as Percy and other members of the team eventually will move on.

CarterMatt Verdict

Sad as it is that Percy is leaving the team, this episode of NCIS: New Orleans gave you almost everything that you could’ve wanted in a farewell — great action, smart character stories, and an emotional goodbye that rang true for the character.

We’ll miss you, city mouse.

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