Should Shalita Grant return to NCIS: New Orleans in the future?

NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 11 - Shalita GrantFollowing tonight’s episode, is it possible that we will see Shalita Grant in the future on NCIS: New Orleans? CarterMatt is the sort to hold on to a little bit of hope, but at the same exact time we don’t altogether think that it’s likely for the near future.

Why is that? For starters, why in the world would you leave only to come back weeks later? This is probably going to be a departure that sticks for a little while. It may be one that lasts for good. There are plenty of occasions out there in which actors depart a show and don’t end up coming back. Meanwhile, there are others in which actors turn up at some point in the future.

Obviously, one of the easiest go-to examples of all of this within the NCIS franchise is the departure of Cote de Pablo from the original series. After she departed over salary negotiations, and she turned down an opportunity to return down the road due to story concerns. We’re sure that Grant will be offered a chance to bring Percy back for something down the road, whether it be the 100th episode or some other big milestone, as for whether or not she will actually return, well that will be up to her.

With her departure in mind it makes sense for all parties to move on and then revisit the idea of her return when there is a little bit more space. At that point, maybe we can see what is happening in City Mouse’s life. She’s certainly a capable agent and we’re pretty sure that she is going to find plenty of assignments for herself in the future.

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For now, the one thing that we hope is this for Shalita: That she finds another great job soon that she can be excited for once more. If she wanted to move on in order to take on some more acting challenges, we do hope that she has an opportunity to do just that. She was great on NCIS: New Orleans and deserves a great opportunity to move forward with her career.

Meanwhile, for the series itself we just hope that there is a new replacement who comes into the fold and brings something new to the table. Obviously, you don’t want to just see a carbon copy of Percy since that wouldn’t be altogether believable; instead, the right thing to do if you are the producers is bring someone on board who has their own personality and zeal. Give viewers someone new to look forward to seeing whenever they end up getting hired.

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