Bull season 2 episode 19 review: Is Jim Grayson really Jim Grayson?

Bull season 2 episode 19What happened on Bull season 2 episode 19 tonight? At the center of it was a man named Jim Grayson who lived a seemingly perfect life — he had a wife, a family, and a good job to go along with it all.

However, as it turns out he also had some demons — a really big one, to be specific. It just so turned out that Jim Grayson was not Jim Grayson. Instead, it turns out that he was a man with a checkered past, someone who was involved in a robbery many years before in which he was the getaway driver. He had a different name at the time in George Brown; however, he was eventually arrested for murder and those two lives collided.

This led Bull and TAC into a tough spot when they were asked to represent him in the case. How do you defend someone who was involved in something so heinous? For starters, you could argue that he wasn’t actually the person to pull the trigger on the murder. Beyond just that, you can also claim that he’s turned his life around and is an upstanding citizen. Why punish someone who has already found their way forward in life? What good is that ultimately going to serve you in the end?

Bull had to get creative in order to ensure that he got the results he wanted in this case. That meant, for starters, trying to find a way in which to convince Jim’s wife to attend the trial. Otherwise, he had no one and therefore less of a reason for the jury to but into being said. Beyond that, they also visited George’s brother in prison to figure out more of what happened. As it turns out, George wasn’t even all that bad way back when, either. He just fell in with the wrong people at the wrong time. He wasn’t involved in the shooting but George was just an easy fall guy.

Cable to the rescue!

This is why Bull and TAC are so lucky to have her around, given that without her at the moment it’s pretty darn clear that the team would be stuck. She was able to gather some information as the team established that even though George may have lived a double life, that didn’t mean that he did many of the things he was accused of doing.

Following Cable, the next hero of the case was Danny. She was the one who showed that the armed robbery was actually an inside job, and that nobody was ever meant to be killed off at all. George’s brother confirmed most of the theory and said that there weren’t any bullets in his gun at all. It helped to further show George’s innocent and, eventually, Bull was able to convince the prosecution to toss the case — as he said early on, there wasn’t really any point. Another victory for Bull, and while we’re not sure that Jim will ever be the same man again, he does continue to move forward as a free man.

CarterMatt Verdict

Bull season 2 episode 19 did not necessarily do a whole lot when it comes to developing the supporting characters, but we will give it credit for a few other things — namely, for allowing us to see another twisted mystery. If you love signature Bull cases, it’s pretty easy to say with confidence that season 2 episode 19 was right in your wheelhouse.

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