Chicago Med season 3 episode 14 review: Is someone suspended?

Chicago Med season 3 episode 14Chicago Med season 3 episode 14 showed us tonight that when you are a doctor everything in your career can turn on a dime. There are moments in which you are viewed as a hero; yet, just mere seconds later you can be on your way out the door.

For both Dr. Manning and Maggie tonight, they each faced situations that turned south because of specific choices. Yet, by the end of the episode they each faced very different consequences as a result of it. In the case of Dr. Manning, she thought her decision to prescribe experimental drugs to a patient led to his death. In the process of this she was chastised by Dr. Halstead over doing something that he did not agree with. Will still covered for her, but then when it turned out that the drugs were completely unrelated to his death and actually helped, he was treated more as the hero.

It’s clear that there are some significant problems now in the Will – Natalie relationship, and a big part of them seem to be stemming mostly from one thing: His own inability to allow her to either sink or swim. She’s an experienced doctor; with that, she doesn’t need protection from either him or anyone else! There needs to be some opportunities for her to figure out her own footing within the hospital or take the credit or the blame. This, ultimately, can be summed up as a situation in which Will the boyfriend is getting in the way of Will the doctor.

Unfortunately, for Maggie her decisions tonight ended up with her getting suspended — Goodwin didn’t want to make the move, but the rough year for Maggie continues after learning that her old flame wasn’t quite who he claimed to be.

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The hospital lockdown

Much of the team had to come together tonight when a missing baby caused everyone to descend into panic. Connor and Ava had to figure out how to give operation instructions to Dr. Choi remotely (at least before Connor found his way in) while Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese did their part to figure out possible motives as well as who could have taken the baby. When the kidnapper was found, Sarah was able to talk her into giving up the baby … but while also questioning whether or not she is a little too much like her father in terms of manipulation. This was a pretty powerful story and moment for this character since the last thing she ever wanted to be was someone with a similar ability / curse.

In general though, Dr. Reese’s story was the strongest of the hour, especially as she struggled with the notion that her father could never really love her because clinically, he wasn’t capable of it.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago Med season 3 episode 14 was an episode that featured very few characters getting an actual escape from some of their problems; in the case of Will, Maggie, and Natalie, they’re especially worse off than they were going in. At least Chicago Med is building towards something this season, given that in the early going it felt more as though the writers were spinning their wheels with some of the same stories again and again.

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