Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 17 review: John Noble is canon

Legends of TomorrowLegends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 17 was completely bonkers, really in all of the best possible ways. Over the course of Monday’s episode we saw a teenage Barack Obama, Gorilla Grodd, John Noble dressed in his Lord of the Rings outfit, and Ray Palmer shrinking down into Nora Darhk’s ear just so that he could trick her into getting on board the Waverider.

Basically, all of this was the jumping-off point to a case that revolved mostly around the attempts to stop Mallus once and for all, mostly by trapping Nora within the ship and then using all of the totems properly in order to vanquish him for good. The tricky thing was this: Trying to trust Damien Darhk to actually do the right thing. He was the proper bearer of the death totem, mostly in that he, like Sara, has been brought back and seemingly understands just how to wield it.

Unfortunately, not everyone was quite on board with the idea of Darhk as totem-bearer … especially Ava, who felt like this was both an unnecessary risk and also went against much of what the Time Bureau was trying to do. She was upset already going into this — finding out that you are a clone and that Rip Hunter picked eleven other clones before you will do that to a person. She suddenly felt rather helpless and as though there wasn’t going to be a whole lot that she could really give to anyone.

The sweetest AvaLance moment of the episode was Sara telling Ava she loved her … but even that wasn’t enough to brighten her spirits.

The totem debate

Who should wield what? That was a decision that all of the Legends had to figure out. Watching everyone bring their totems and then combine their powers almost Captain Planet style was incredibly entertaining.

Right when everything was going according to plan, Darhk decided to release Grodd from his prison after the death totem got in his ear — he had to let a certain degree of history take its course so that Nora would still be around. Basically, everyone went from trying to stop Mallus to then trying to stop Grodd. Also, trying to stop Damien from executing his new plan proved impossible, largely because him with the death totem in tow was serious business.

The one person who was actually able to save the day? Nate, who realized that he could actually use the earth totem to his advantage.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 17 was insane, but unfortunately in the end we’re not entirely sure that the team actually got anywhere by the end in terms of stopping Mallus. As a matter of fact, by the end of the episode it appeared that the threat of Mallus was more serious than ever — the character escaped Nora’s body, she was seemingly gone for good, and we now have a good sense as to precisely what this character looks like. It’s not pretty.

As for the episode tonight, it was absolutely crazy — entertaining, but it’s going to take time to wrap our heads around all of this.

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