NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 17 review: Who is Spencer Williams?

John M. JacksonNCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 17 carried with it the title of “The Monster,” and we’re sure that for a few minutes, there are some out there who thought that this was a reference to Mosley. After all, she forced many of the agents to abandon their typical assignment and with that, it looked like she was getting ready to kick Callen to the curb.

Instead, Mosley was looking to bring Callen along for her own mission, while some of the other pairs were assigned to different cases. Most notably Deeks and Hidoko had to work together on a gruesome murder case — while at the same time Marty was insanely curious about some of her backstory.

In terms of just the crime scenes, what the two went through here was probably far freakier than anything that you’ve seen so far on the series. Basically, Deeks and Hidoko had to take down a criminal who was piecing together dead bodies a la Frankenstein.

In the closing minutes, the team ended up finding another body — while it did seem as though they pinned down the responsible party (they had him earlier in the night!), it just so turns out that they couldn’t bring him in before another grotesque creation. This is a good tease for the remainder of the season given that this monster’s work is certainly far from over.

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Who is Spencer Williams?

Callen’s case tonight was incredibly difficult, mostly because he was thrown into a really weird spot with the ATF on one side and Shay Mosley on the other. As it turns out, Mosley doesn’t exactly get along with people who are outside of the NCIS office, either.

After the case somewhat descended into chaos (they got the guns, but the responsible party in Spencer Williams got away), Callen started to get a really good sense that there was something going on with Mosley on this case beyond what she was saying. Yet, she wasn’t altogether interested in spilling the beans.

It was Hetty’s idea for Mosley team up with Callen, and in the aftermath of it she did her part in order to encourage her to finally come clean about why this case mattered so much to her. That’s why in the closing minutes of the episode, she brought up Callen to her office in order to explain a few different things. She and Williams actually were together at one point in the past and they had a baby boy together. That’s why she was so desperate to catch him and it had more to do with that shared past than almost anything else.

Even though her case with Callen tonight was somewhat of a win, nothing went altogether according to plan.

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