The Good Karma Hospital season 2 episode 3 review: Ruby’s difficult journey

The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital season 2 episode 3 on ITV Sunday night brought some of the characters outside of the hospital; with that, we had a unique opportunity to learn more about them. This was emotional, while at the same time interesting and informative.

Ruby was the focal point for much of the hour, as she decided to travel alongside Gabriel to a tea plantation tonight. The goal here was outreach, though in the process this journey opened her up and caused her to think differently. We want to think that this is causing her to think differently about Gabriel. We’re not sure that a single episode has done more for a prospective couple than this one did for the two of them. How can you not be mesmerized after that hug? While seeing the two connect and struggle is emotional, it does leave you with a feeling of hope that they may still have a rather fantastic future ahead for them. (We do think that the kiss at the end of the episode is proof of that.)

As for some other elements of the episode, we saw Lydia forced to deal with a pretty trying case at the hospital as she did her part to treat someone who was a victim of domestic abuse. We often see the characters on this show take something from their cases in order to apply them to their everyday lives, and we certainly think that this was the case here. It helped to remind Lydia more of her overall strength, that she doesn’t necessarily need a relationship, but chooses to have one anyway. Greg and Lydia are clearly in a different place in their lives than Ruby and Gabriel, but they are still human and with that, they definitely feel some of the same pain.

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Here’s the big surprise of the episode

In the closing minutes, it was revealed that there was a special reason in which Lydia was present at this tea plantation, and it may not be one that she is even entirely aware of just yet. Is her uncle really her father? That was a question that was bandied about even before the end of the episode, and Gabriel was one of the few people who was told. He eventually passed along that information to her (right after the kiss) … and we now have to wait and see how she handles the news about her true father next week.

CarterMatt Verdict

The twist at the conclusion of the episode with Ruby’s uncle / father gives you a lot to think about; hopefully, upon reflection this only makes things stronger between her and Gabriel, and eventually also offers her up a sense of inner peace.

For those in America, note that The Good Karma Hospital is available on Acorn TV beginning April 2.

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