Home Improvement revival was reportedly considered

Home ImprovementIs a Home Improvement revival actually in the works? We’ll admit that we wondered this question the moment that we saw the ratings for Roseanne earlier this week and, as it turns out, there was actually some consideration around the idea.

According to a new report coming in right now via Entertainment Weekly, there has been at least some conversation about the classic Tim Allen family sitcom coming back on the air. Unfortunately, there have been a few different snags that have kept it from happening. For starters, there is a lawsuit still out there regarding profits from the series, and it’s pretty hard for anything to move forward when there are still unresolved matters from the past.

Beyond that, there is also another prominent issue in the current conflict between Allen and ABC. The actor has made it clear that he was not happy with the decision to cancel Last Man Standing back in 2017, with the major conspiracy at the time being that it was a show that leaned too conservative for an otherwise liberal network. Its ratings were solid and, while it did cost a pretty penny to make (Allen had a hefty paycheck and it came via an outside studio), there were plenty of arguments to keep it going.

If Home Improvement ever comes back, it does feel like there would need to be some sort of resolution between Allen and ABC’s parent company Disney. Money does talk, but would it speak loudly enough in this case?

Other things to consider

One of the reasons the Roseanne revival works is because of the availability of much of the main cast. (Johnny Galecki will appear in at least one episode later this season.) With Home Improvement, however, you do have multiple actors who are no longer working regularly in show business. Would some of Tim Taylor’s kids really want to come back at this point in their adult lives? Add to this the fact that Earl Hindman, who played Tim’s mysterious neighbor Wilson on the show, died back in 2003. Would the show really be the same without him?

With Roseanne in mind it obviously does make a degree of sense to consider Home Improvement as a revival. Yet, there’s a big difference between considering something and making it happen. There are probably going to be other sitcoms from the past that come back, but this one may have too many hurdles to jump over.

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