Chicago Fire season 6 episode 16 review: Otis’ recovery; Boden’s dilemma

Chicago FireIt really shouldn’t come as much of a shock that Chicago Fire season 6 episode 16 is an hour of television that had to take on a number of different storylines.

Let’s kick things off here with Otis, who is still in the process of his recovery. The good news is that he is eventually going to be okay. However, the operative word here is “eventually.” He is struggling with the possibility that he will never be able to do his old job again. Beyond that, he is also struggling with the fact that his replacement is basically the polar opposite of him. Cordova, the new arrival to the firehouse, was pretty much the king of the tools. He was arrogant, he was brash, and he really couldn’t care less how much everyone in the firehouse loved Otis. He wanted to just do his job and prove that he was there to stay.

Cordova also has a history with Dawson, but through what we’ve seen so far it’s not exactly something that threatens her relationship with Casey or really her relationship with just about anyone else (at least so far). For now, he’s just a thorn in the side of just about everyone and it doesn’t seem as though there is a light coming at the end of the tunnel.

Otis, back at the hospital, was getting so depressed over his condition that he was sending away people who cared about him — even Lily. Things went from bad to worse when it was revealed that for the next two months, Cordova would be taking over. It could be even longer. Everyone is struggling with that, but especially Herrmann — after all, at one point in the episode he got so agitated with Otis that the two parties nearly got into a fight. (Eventually, Otis ended up getting some support from Lily at the end of the episode during his therapy.)

How are things between Stella and Severide?

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Now, we turn to the funniest story of the week: Two women who were desperate to show they were thankful to the firefighters for helping them out. With that, they made them dinner … even though all of it was terrible. It turned out that one of the two women was interested in Cruz, but it doesn’t seem like there was a love connection coming in the near future.

Is Boden leaving?

There does seem to be an undercurrent of that at the moment. Him departing Firehouse 51 falls definitely under “DO NOT WANT,” but that may not stop it from being so. We have not heard anything about Eamonn Walker leaving the show as of now, but that may not make it so.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Chicago Fire season 6 episode 16 was an episode intentionally designed to give you mixed emotions. You’re meant to cheer for Otis, but you are also meant to boo Cordova. Things are probably going to get even testier the rest of the way.

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