The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 19 review: Sheldon and Leonard’s fight for power

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2You might be surprised to learn that there are actually other people who live in Sheldon, Penny and Leonard’s building, but it’s actually true. Over the years on The Big Bang Theory it pretty much feels like no one else lives there. We’ve rarely seen anyone else coming up and down the stairs, at the mail boxes or in the hallway, but we promise you that there are others that live there and in tonight’s episode there will be a big reveal over who is the current overlord of the tenants association – Sheldon.

What we find the most unbelievable about this whole story tonight is that Leonard and Penny both had no idea that Sheldon was the president of the tenants association for that building. They’ve all been living there for 11 years and while Penny and Leonard may not be the most active in the current events in their building, we would suspect that they would know this – especially Leonard who was Sheldon’s roommate for years. When Sheldon is in a position of power (like being the president of anything) it’s not exactly something that he would keep quiet, especially if he lords some sort of power over Leonard, but for the sake of this article we are going to just go with the flow and try to believe that Leonard wouldn’t know about this until tonight.

Once Leonard learns about Sheldon’s position (to which Sheldon is the only member and he voted himself in as president which now helps this story have some legs) he learns that all the complaints that he and Penny have gotten over the years have been written by Sheldon and voted in only by himself. Leonard and Penny decide to try to vote Sheldon out so all they have to do is get one other person in the building to vote their way and he’s out as president. This leads to us getting a chance to meet some of their neighbors! They don’t make a lot of progress, but it was fun to see who else is living there. Eventually, Leonard and Penny find a loophole in that Sheldon is basically not an actual tenant, but this doesn’t stop Sheldon from finding his own loop hole. In the end Amy throws her vote to Leonard and there is a shift in power! Of course this frees Sheldon up to be a complete jerk to Leonard and flood him with complaints. Well done Leonard, well done.

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CarterMatt Verdict

When we first heard the premise for tonight’s story about the tenants association we had a difficult time buying into it, and even after the reveal that Sheldon was the only member and voted himself in we still had a hard time, because if that were true, we suspect that over the years other tenants in that building would’ve received complaints from Sheldon/President of the tenants association and he would’ve been outed long ago to Leonard.

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