Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 17 review: Meredith and Nick Mars’ story

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 17Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 17 was titled “One Day Like This” and after watching it, we have to say that this feels pretty much like a perfect summation. Almost all of this episode took place within a very short period of time, and on just a few characters as opposed to the majority of the cast.

Let’s start here with the story of Meredith Grey and Dr. Nick Mars (Scott Speedman), a transplant doctor who returned to work a little bit early, but was not altogether sure as to whether or not he was going to lose a kidney. While Meredith awaited some test results and tried to figure out precisely what was going on with him, the two forged what was an interesting connection. They were funny, they were flirtatious, and they were actually rather fun. Seeing their chemistry did not negate anything in Meredith’s past; instead, this was something new.

The good news here is that we saw Nick make it through the surgery with the kidney intact. She did care about him in the short period of time that the two spent time together; yet, the problem is that he is based in Minnesota rather than Seattle.

We still, somehow, have a feeling that this isn’t quite over…

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As for the other big story at the heart of this episode, what we ended up seeing was Owen deciding that now was the time in order to make a grand gesture and go and see Teddy. They slept together and basically had a romantic experience that seemed almost equivalent to an episode of Private Practice featuring Amelia from the final season. The only thing that is really different is that in this case, we know both of these characters rather well. Owen wanted to be with Teddy; meanwhile, Teddy wanted to be with Owen.

The problem here quickly surfaced as soon as Teddy got all the details, including when Owen actually last slept with Amelia. She realized that Owen just didn’t want to be alone and that was it. It was over almost as soon as it began.

April’s struggle

The latest major plot for the episode tonight revolved around April getting some counsel from a surprising source: A Rabbi named Eli who was dying but still wanted to use some of his last time in order to help her through her crisis of faith.

The scenes with these characters were nothing short of beautiful, with this Rabbi choosing to offer up the ultimate sacrifice. The writing during this episode was fantastic and, to go along with that, the performance of Sarah Drew was completely out of this world. It’s stories like this that make us all the more depressed at the thought of losing her at the end of this season.

It was through death April lost hope; it was with faith that April found a way to get it back. She was able to offer Miranda absolution, just as she was able to give Eli closure with his wife.

CarterMatt Verdict

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