Chicago Med season 3 Finale Forecast: Where could this season end?

Chicago Med season 3With 7 episodes left in Chicago Med season 3 we are starting to get an idea about where this could go when we get to the season finale. The latest episode intensified many relationships. First off, Dr. Sarah Reese and her father are trying to build a father/daughter relationship, however, we are starting to see that her father’s interests my not be what they seem. For Dr. Will Halstead and Dr. Natalie Manning their romantic relationship is being put to the test as they continue to disagree and battle in the ER.

For Sarah, her father returning was a chance for her to reconnect with him and have a relationship with him. However, we saw early on that he sought Dr. Charles for treatment and discovers he a personality disorder that causes him to manipulate people. Dr. Charles soon discovers that he is using Sarah and that he may not be trying to be a father at all. It’s sad to see this happen to Sarah, especially since she’s had a rough season and this doesn’t help her confidence grow. She truly believes her father is back for her, and not just to manipulate. Recently, Sarah found out that Dr. Charles is treating her father and wanted to know what for. Dr. Charles couldn’t answer this because of doctor/patient confidentiality, but he dropped some hints for Sarah, who is starting to put the pieces together. So going into the finale, we are expecting a big showdown between Dr. Charles, Sarah, and her father. Whether or not Sarah will discover the absolute truth about him remains to be seen, however, we are willing to bet something big is going to happen.

Our favorite Chicago Med couple are having problems. It all started when Will let the pedophile die because he asked him to. Ever since then, he has been feeling guilty about it, because he is a morally good person and his actions in that situation suggest otherwise. It haunts him because he called the police when a patient’s mother pulled him off life support. He was insistent to Natalie that legal action had to be taken and Natalie called him out on it later. Will didn’t take this well and the two left things in a lousy place. They are still together, but heading into the finale they are going to face their biggest fight yet. We also believe it will get worse as we head to the end and they will have to decide whether to stay together or call it quits.

Then there’s Ethan who is in happy relationship with April and has recently been spending more time with his sister, Emily. We know she has a problem and we feel as though Ethan is waiting for her to relapse. He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, so by the season’s end we have a feeling something may happen with her.

Overall, it’s been a great season so far and we can’t wait to see what the final 7 episodes will hold.

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