Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 16 review: Ava Sharpe’s secret

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 16There were questions aplenty going into Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 16, but there was certainly a big one at the heart of Monday night’s episode: What happened to Ava Sharpe? Also, to go along with that, what was she? There were so many questions about this character going into the hour, mostly stemming from what happened with Rip Hunter and a file he ordered Gideon to get rid of.

Yet, there was something off regarding Ava’s story. For starters, her “parents” in Fresno were not actually her parents at all. Instead, they were actors. Sara and Ava then discovered she may actually be living within Vancouver years in the future. Of course, so were a number of other women who looked just like her. Is Ava Sharpe a clone? That seemed to be the case as some more information was revealed about the character, who seemed to be a part of creating a perfect woman. There were countless versions of Ava all over the place and pretty much all of them were dangerous.

The show itself did as great of a job as it could trying to find a little bit of humor within this situation; yet, it actually was rather heartbreaking when you think about it. This was a woman who had spent all of her life (however long she has been around) thinking that she was unique. Yet, all of her memories are all manufactured. Eventually, though, it did turn touching when Sara gave her a speech about how she was very much different from all of the other clones … even though she actually had to act like one for a little while.

This led to the night’s most-exciting and impressive action sequence, as Ava and Sara had to basically beat up a series of Ava clones in a fight in order to escape. Eventually they made it back to the Waverider, but in the closing minutes Ava and Sara realized that it was Rip who orchestrated bringing her into the Time Bureau in the first place.

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Mallus is evil — really evil

Like with the other storyline tonight there was actually a lot of comedy that came with Damien Darhk realizing that Mallus had completely overtaken his daughter and therefore her soul. The scene of him pretending to beat up Nate was probably the best one of the entire hour.

Nora’s possession basically led to one of the most brutal fight scenes that we’ve seen all season long, as she basically tore some of the legends limb from limb. She killed Kuasa and then after that, effectively took her water totem. That is going to make it that much harder for the Legends to stop Mallus coming up.

CarterMatt Verdict

Legends of Tomorrow continued its winning streak tonight with what was one of its best episodes ever — this was funny, touching, but also action-packed in a way that few other superhero shows are. Also, Gary is quickly becoming the scene-stealer of the entire series and we had some real Zari/Rory bonding in this episode, even if it took Zari having to work into overdrive to stop Mick from being a jerk first.

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