MasterChef Junior season 6 episode 5 review: Wedding-day woes

MasterChef Junior season 6 episode 5 on Friday did something different from anything that we’ve seen virtually all season long — it put many of its contestants out into the field.

As entertainment, we’ll admit that these episodes are not the ones of the show that we particularly like. Why is that? It stems mostly from the fact that the foundation for them stems from Hell’s Kitchen — because people came to know and love Gordon Ramsay from him getting angry at people in this setting, it feels like the producers want to include this in just about every one of Ramsay’s shows that they possibly can. We do get that there is some good drama that comes out of watching the various highs and lows of a challenge like this. It’s just not as appealing for us as some of the more creative challenges.

Tonight, you effectively saw the kid contestants all create the perfect wedding lunch of either halibut or lamb — pretty challenging stuff! Cade and Ariana were the team leaders from the challenge before, and they had to figure out a way in which to make sure that their dishes were well-received. There were some major bumps in the road. For example, the blue team led by Ariana ran into some trouble serving some raw lamb; meanwhile, the red team had some teamwork trouble as Ben in particular felt like he was being used wrong.

Here’s what we found funny about this whole ordeal — not only was this couple willing to give over much of the reigns of their receptive to Gordon Ramsay and his team, but they didn’t even find out who won at the end of it! This is one of those situations where the MasterChef team decided to not actually reveal the results until getting back to the kitchen.

Who ended up winning?

Ultimately, the blue team was able to overcome their lamb problem enough for them to all be declared safe. They were sent up to the balcony and this, in turn, meant that the entirety of the red team in trouble.

Eventually, the judges decided to send home both Gracie and Ben from the competition. The two left with their heads held high, but unfortunately they were just not able to make it through this challenge. Gracie was only nine years old, and the fact that she made it into the top 20 was certainly rather impressive.

Overall, this was still an enjoyable episode of the show even if this sort of challenge isn’t our cup of tea.

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