Chicago Fire season 6 episode 15 review: Will all wounds heal?

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 14Going into Chicago Fire season 6 episode 15, we knew that things were going to be painful. It’s hard to describe it any other way given that the entire center of this story revolved around a shooting that nearly claimed one of Firehouse 51’s own.

As we explained in the story over at the link here, at the start of the episode a fire led to the accidental shooting of Otis. There was no actual shooter; instead, it was just ammunition in the house that ended up going off and causing all sorts of problems. Much of the remainder of the episode was spent sifting through the aftermath of what happened and it was absolutely difficult for all of Firehouse 51. They raised money for his care and he tried to recover, but it was touch and go for most of the episode until he managed to come out of surgery.

Luckily, he eventually did! It was important to have Otis be the victim here mostly because he was such a positive spirit and was universally loved by everyone in Firehouse 51. Everybody loved the guy and with that, they all each struggled with the possibility of him dying — especially Cruz.

We do have a cliffhanger with Otis tonight that is somewhat scary — while he is okay physically, at the same time we’re worried about whatever Dr. Choi has concerns over. Could Otis be paralyzed or have some other long-term injury?

One other people who was almost hurt in the fire was Stella, and her being in danger was what caused Severide to disobey orders and, to go along with that, infuriate Boden by going into the fire to check on the two of them. This did lead to Casey encouraging him to actually go through with admitting his feelings for her — otherwise, he was going to constantly dwell on him. It worked! Stella and Kelly finally kissed — it was the moment we’ve been waited for almost since the two parties broke up, though we’re also not entirely sure that hooking up at the bar is the best choice. Somebody could have walked in, guys!

Interestingly, both Dawson and Casey found themselves in the hype position tonight — for Dawson, she did her part to encourage Brett and make her feel okay. First, Brett wanted to confess her feelings for Antonio after thinking that she was pregnant. After that, she learned that Antonio was going on a blind date. For now, things seem to have stalled.

CarterMatt Verdict

A worthy end to a very good episode of Chicago Fire, though we absolutely are still worried about the future of Otis. As for Kelly and Stella, we are just happy the story is moving forward as it is.

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