Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 16 review: The downward spiral continues

Grey's Anatomy season 14Tonight, Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 16 brought you an episode that was about conflicts, hardships, and trying to find a way if they could be overcome.

For Jackson, his obstacles came in two different forms — he wanted to focus on his complicated and risky procedure with Catherine and Richard, but at the same time he struggled to wrestle with their reactions to learning that he and Maggie were an item. Beyond that, April continued to spiral around him and when he confronted her about it all she wanted to do was sleep with him and nothing else. There’s still no real hope that anything is going to change.

While Jackson was struggling to know precisely what to do in this situation, Owen all of a sudden has decided to make a big, risky move: Flying to the airport in hopes of seeing Teddy, who he’s apparently now convinced that she could be the real great love of his life now. The fact that this all came about in the midst of conversations with Amelia was certainly awkward and a little bit painful — we still like Owen and Amelia together, after all, and this feels like a significant blow to that. Amelia does have something to keep her busy in what she’s working on with Alex, but still isn’t all of this rather sad?

Meanwhile, we also saw tonight a rare story involving Arizona and Sofia working to bond together — this was a rare opportunity in which to actually see Sofia spotlighted — because it doesn’t happen all that often we more than welcomed it. They came together by the end of the episode and we are starting, in turn, to think that the two parties could have a future.

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Finally, it does seem as though Meredith and Jo are moving forward with their project! It doesn’t seem like Meredith is going to let Marie get to her, but we’re also not entirely sure how her determination is really going to stop the whole patent issue — at least for the time being unless she really decides to change the name of the Grey method.

CarterMatt Verdict

Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 16 was a pretty darn important episode of the series for a number of different reasons, most notably because of the fact that we did get to see some characters like Meredith and Arizona start to press onward. Yet, for every step forward there are also steps back and we’re possibly more worried for Amelia than ever.

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