TV Madness 2018: Outlander, MacGyver kick off round 3

TV Madness 2018

Welcome to another edition of our third annual TV Madness Tournament! This is a fun annual tradition here at CarterMatt where we have some fun, engaging battles between various shows looking to make it all the way to the final round on March 28.

Above, you can see our full bracket, complete with entries, their seeds, and start/end dates. Once you are within the bracket, the dates listed are when the previous poll ends and the next one begins! We’ve got a great group of shows taking part this year, with some newbies as well as others who have been a part of the tournament every single year. The voting rules are pretty simple — you can vote however often you would like on however many devices that you would like! If you are on mobile and you are having a problem seeing the poll at the bottom of the article for whatever reason, be sure to click to view the non-AMP version of the page at the bottom of the article.

Today, the third round officially begins! We’re narrowing the field down to just eight shows, and we think that all of them are competitive and should very much bring the fight as we get closer to crowning the champion. Even with this one today we’ve got an interesting showdown — MacGyver, for example, is an underdog that managed to persevere through the first two rounds of the tournament. However, now it is squaring off against another show in Outlander that is the reigning champion two times over and no show so far this year has even come close to touching it.

Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s get to breaking down these entries further. Voting for this round remains open until Sunday, March 25 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Outlander (#1 seed) – The Starz drama is a dominant force in this tournament and it’s proving that yet again with its performance this year. It managed to completely overwhelm NCIS: Los Angeles in the second round and to date, it has defeated two shows in both it and Chicago Med that technically have a larger overall viewership. Consider this yet another sign that it is really the passion of the viewers that really matters more so than how many are watching, at least when it comes to this tournament.

MacGyver (#6 seed) – Here is, in turn, the opposition — another show with a larger total audience than Outlander, but as we’ve seen that doesn’t mean all that much within this tournament. The largest reason why this show may be a threat is that it does have a legion of devoted fans and it also carries with it an underdog mentality. Nobody knew at the time of it coming on the air that a revival of an iconic show like this would work. Yet, it has and then some.

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