Chicago Med season 3 episode 12 review: The pain at the heart of ‘Born This Way’

Chicago Med season 3Chicago Med season 3 episode 12 definitely went in a different direction with “Born This Way” than we expected it to going in — just upon hearing that title, for example, it feels inevitable that one of the things that your mind is going to start wandering towards is Lady Gaga. After all, how could it not?

Yet, the title for this episode was actually a reference to one of Will Halstead’s new patients, a man who was waiting for death in order to avoid having to live another minute on Earth. He knew that he was a pedophile and while he had been able to control some of his urges he was living in hell and knew that he was a despicable person because of it. Will did have some sympathy for his pain and tried to help him, but sometimes there are people who are beyond helping. It is difficult when a patient doesn’t want to help himself.

Still, this storyline had to be one of the better performances we’ve seen from Nick Gehlfuss on the show as he tried to come to grips with the gravity and the pain of this situation.

There were other notable moments and conflicts stored within “Born This Way” as a whole, with one of the largest ones revolving around the right way for Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker to handle their jobs in the aftermath of the two sleeping together. The moment that Ava realized that it changed the dynamic and he started to compromise some of his competition with her, she no longer wanted anything to do with it. He made a miscalculation in regards to how she was wired and what we are seeing now are some of the consequences of it.

Elsewhere, this episode had a couple other compelling story arcs, including Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi going out of their way to help deliver a baby in a homeless part of the city. They did their best to help and certainly did, but in the wake of this the new mother had to let go of her baby and let them be adopted — because they were a newborn, there was almost certainly someone who would want to welcome them into their family. Dealing with some of the harshness of this situation did inspire Ethan to reach out to his sister.

There was some harsh news for Goodwin courtesy of a lawsuit, one suggesting in part that they were intentionally taking patients with the best insurance and effectively bribing paramedics in the process … which they kind of were with the lounge. She wanted to shut it down but was soon urged after the fact not to. It was, after all, financially effective.

CarterMatt Verdict

There are ultimately two different reasons why we will remember “Born This Way” — what happened with Will’s patient and also the quick end to Connor and Ava’s relationship … or was it an end at all? Time will tell.

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