Ink Master season 10 episode 12 preview: The underdog story

Ink Master season 10 episode 12Next week Ink Master season 10 episode 12 is going to come on the air and present what we think of, (at least at this moment) as a real interesting tale of two different tiers.

Out of the seven artists left, there are four who we’d say are on the top when it comes to their consistent performance the past few weeks: Josh Payne, Juan Salgado, Roly T-Rex, and Jason Elliott. Then, there are the three who are fighting to get their way into that top tier: Deanna Smith, Daniel Silva, and Jeremy Brown. Of the three it feels like Deanna has the best chance to break through, mostly because she’s survived the most challenging designs so far thanks to so many people trying to sink DJ Tambe’s team.

As for what’s specifically happening next week the preview didn’t give away too much, but our expectation is that Jeremy’s back is going to be against the wall. He’s coming off of two especially rough weeks. First, there was the one in which it looked like Steve Tefft was supporting his other team members over him. Then, there was also the challenge tonight where he had to sweat it out up against Frank Ready in the bottom. If he has one more rough week, that could be enough to send him packing and we do think that there are some who could be targeting him. In particular, we see DJ Tambe trying to do what he can to set him up for failure — he expressed tonight that he would be angry if Jeremy lasted longer in the competition than Frank.

The funny thing about this competition though, is that often when artists are targeted they find a way to rise above that and keep fighting. What’s the reason for that? It’s really just so simple as the fact that being in this competition does sometimes put artists in a position where their adrenaline takes over. If someone basically makes it clear with a skull pick that they want to send you home, that motivates you all the more to rise to the challenge.

What do you think is coming on Ink Master season 10 episode 12, and who do you think will be eliminated next? Share right now in the comments!

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