Siren episode 2 review: Ryn channels Leeloo from the Fifth Element

siren season 1After a brilliant first episode of Siren we are ready to jump back into the deep end and see what the second episode is going to bring us. We’ve already had mystery, death and a little romance, so they have set the bar pretty high going into episode 2.

When we last saw Ben he was out on a boat trying to find Ryn in the same spot his friends caught the other mermaid, but instead he found some kind of monitoring device that seems to be emitting the same noises that Ryn has made. Have the super secret military that took their friend Chris returned with a device to try to lure out more Sirens for study? Seems to be leaning this way – sneaky, sneaky!

Meanwhile Ryn has shed her fin once again (so now we know that she is in control of her fin and it sheds like a snake skin) and she’s back on land again to look for her sister. She heads to Helen’s shop and is able to some how relate to her that there is another mermaid, it’s her sister and that she has been taken from her. Helen brings her into her apartment (which is in the back of the shop) and gives her clothing, food and shelter as Ryn learns a few more words. Can we take a moment to comment on how much Ryn learning to talk reminds us of Leeloo from The Fifth Element? It’s giving us the warm and fuzzies since we loved Leeloo and Ryn reminds us so much of her; Lethal, naive and learning about this new world.

Ben meets up with Maddie and shows her the video from when he jumped in the water after Ryn and as hard as it is for her to believe that mermaids exist, she can’t dispute what she’s seeing with her own eyes. They take the device they found in the water to Helen to ask her if she can identify the sound, but once Ryn hears it in the apartment she knows immediately that it’s the sound of her sister in distress. The military scientists has been experimenting on her sister and have used the recording of her in distress in hopes of luring out Ryn. Together, Ben and Maddie are set on helping Ryn find her sister to help her return to the sea, but after Ryn sees illustrations of mermaids being murdered in Helen’s shop she grabs a knife and ventures into town more than a little pissed off. We weren’t exactly sure what she needed the knife for since she can rip a head clear off a shark – maybe she likes to switch up how she murders people.

CarterMatt Verdict

We were worried that this show was going to go in the direction where Ben is drawn to Ryn and then he dumps Maddie to be with her, but this episode put some of those fears to rest (at least for now). Watching Maddie’s interaction with Ryn we are seeing that everyone is drawn to Ryn, not just Ben, which makes sense since she is a siren and that’s what they are known for.

What did you think of the second episode of Siren and are you going to continue watching? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts on the show so far.

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