Finale Forecast: How can Criminal Minds season 13 end?

Criminal Minds season 13 premiereIn writing this particular Criminal Minds season 13 finale forecast, one thing is abundantly clear: The CBS drama needs to be super-patient on it’s way to figuring out how to end this season. At present, there is no season 14 renewal — the finale is already written, so there is really no way in advance for some of the creative team to know what’s going to be coming their way. The best thing that they can hope for is of course a renewal, but how do you prepare your show for a great unknown? That’s the question CarterMatt has for you today and it is certainly at the heart of what we are talking about here.

In this finale forecast, we want to talk about how this show can make a fitting end to Criminal Minds season 13 that also serves as a proper end to the series as a whole just in case it doesn’t come back. It does feel, after all, like you can do both.

1. Have the BAU all together – There has been a great deal of flux so far this season already thanks to Linda Barnes, but that has leveled off. Nobody wants to see this show end, regardless of if it is now or forever, with the team all separated from each other.

2. A particularly memorable threat – We’ve already an adversary within the BAU itself and with that, now may be the time to introduce someone who can also challenge the team as an UnSub. It’s been a while now since the end of Mr. Scratch, and this could be the right time in which to bring someone similar into the fold.

3. Hope for the future – Will someone achieve something new at work? Will a character make some movement forward in their personal lives? It would be great to see something happen at some point this season for someone outside of the job — even if we realize that this is not a series that really focuses on that all that much.

4. A small cliffhanger – Here is where things get tricky. We’re cautiously optimistic that there will be a season 14, but we don’t want there to be a huge, devastating cliffhanger that doesn’t get resolved in the event that the series doesn’t come back for more (we are still salty over that huge Hannibal cliffhanger only to have no conclusion). With that in mind, we think the best thing to do is to create some sort of tease for what could be coming in a potential season 14, something that will intrigue viewers without frustrating them. Take, for example, the chance that there could be a new UnSub set to challenge the team in a way few others have.

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