Survivor: Ghost Island episode 4 highlights: Don’t compare yourself to Boston Rob before the merge

Bradley Kleihege

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 4 kicked things off by doing one thing that was very much different from what we’ve seen so far: Ghost Island no longer offers up immunity. Much like Exile Island in the past, you go after the Reward Challenge and come back before the Immunity Challenge.

Kellyn, who barely registered through three episode, ended up going to Ghost Island by chance. This ended up leading to her making a big decision: Risk her vote at an upcoming Tribal Council in order to get an advantage. She didn’t want to do that. Kellyn is an interesting reality TV character, a woman who has underwent a big life change and has learned over time to trust her gut. Maybe in the long-term not going for the advantage could come back to haunt her, but she’s also right that the original Naviti has the advantage in the new Malolo tribe. If she lost her vote almost anything could have happened. (This all does come into play later in the episode.)

Now, let’s get to looking at everything else that happened within the episode.

Best Move of the Week – We’re going here with Laurel just for the sake of keeping her options open. While working with people from other alliances can be tricky, she made sure that she kept some lines of communication open with Domenick, which led in turn to him revealing a Hidden Immunity Idol to her. This gave her confidence that she could maybe work with him in an effort to send home Chris a little bit later in the episode.

Worst Move of the Week – Other than the new Malolo blowing it at the Immunity Challenge, there really wasn’t all that much that most people did wrong — at least before Tribal Council. We’re instead giving this to Bradley, mostly because of his arrogance and referring to his group of five as “babysitters” to the four original Malolos. We don’t blame him for enforcing an us versus them mentality; yet, the comparing himself to Boston Rob in the confessional room is ridiculous.

Funniest Moment of the Week – Probably just the fact that the Immunity Challenge was even remotely fair given that Chris is taller than almost everyone else by around two miles. With that, he was easily able to toss those balls up on the beam. His tribe actually needed that given that they were far behind by the time in which the challenge got to him.

Standout Player – You have to give it to Michael here for being gutsy enough to admit to having an immunity idol (James’ idol from Survivor: China) to his entire Malolo alliance — he could’ve just saved it and played it for himself. You have to like someone who loves this game so much and is enthusiastic to make a big move.

With that being said, though, here’s one thing we would have said were we Michael — don’t say you’re voting for Bradley when you pull out James’ idol. Give the dominant alliance paranoia that it could be them. There really wasn’t that much incentive for someone to flip since they wouldn’t be the person voted out anyway.

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Elimination – Brendan Shapiro. We haven’t said much about him in this whole episode just because he didn’t do much wrong. He was just one of the four people in the minority and he was targeted because the dominant group in Malolo didn’t think the idol would be played on him. They were right. Bradley got fairly lucky in that nobody flipped and we’re not excusing his attitude at all. It just didn’t get him in too much trouble tonight. We actually think the minority alliance played better and did all they could — it just didn’t work.

Overall, it’s definitely a good thing that Kellyn didn’t lose her vote at Ghost Island.

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