NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 17 review: The pirate story

NCIS: New Orleans season 4 premiereTonight, NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 17 kicked things off with a story all about pirate treasure. From there, we watched the series navigate itself into a situation where Sebastian and Gregorio were thrown off the scent by a woman named Michelle and found themselves in a pretty precarious position. She played the two, and as a result of that, this episode quickly turned into a wild-goose chase.

Then again, aren’t most of the best episodes of NCIS: New Orleans the ones where there is some sort of wild-goose chase at the end? We do like to think so. This episode went down some really bizarre directions stuffed full of twists and turns, with one of the biggest ones being the stress that Percy seemed to be under, and then also the reluctance that she seemed to have to talk about it with LaSalle. Given that she’s leaving soon, the idea of a sad Percy automatically equals a very sad viewer.

Anyhow, eventually Pride was able to find Michelle (who was subject to a reasonably funny button earlier on in the episode about whether or not she was interested in either Sebastian or Gregorio), but that didn’t necessarily stop her from finding her target treasure in the fleur, which she had been search for quite a long time — to the point that she was willing to even kill Elaine for it. The deceased’s father wanted revenge and at the end of the episode, he almost killed Michelle in order to get it. Instead, all parties involved just had the treasure chest and there were no more bodies on the ground. The fleur was retrieved, and in the end the father decided to do what Elaine would have wanted with it: Give it to the city. Given how valuable this was, though, there need to be some sort of security detail needed in order to ensure it got the Mayor’s office.

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In the aftermath of the case Percy still didn’t want to hang out with LaSalle (she went out with Gregorio instead), so there are still some question marks there and there have been ever since he referred to her as a colleague back in the episode that revolved around her father’s death.

CarterMatt Verdict

Probably the most surprising moment of this whole episode came in the closing minutes, where Pride decided to give Laurel a call to see how she was doing. There was something about this case that made him emotional, and also made him intent on making sure all was good in her world.

Beyond just this was a fun episode with a great pirate theme to it … though we still do wish the Percy story was a little bit clearer with her exit coming so soon.

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