Criminal Minds season 13 episode 16 sneak peek: The BAU goes rogue

Criminal Minds season 13 episode 17Criminal Minds season 13 episode 17 is going to be an episode like no other, mostly because of the fact that the BAU is going to enter it in a most unusual position for them. As you recall at the end of this past episode, Linda Barnes decided that she was going to be the worst human being in BAU history and decide that she wanted to break everyone up. She’s interested in accruing power for herself; beyond that, she also wants to do everything that she can in order to ensure that she has the control of almost everyone else. This means effectively that the BAU is going to have to get super-strategic in their efforts to ensure that they can keep doing the jobs that they want to do — and not so much the jobs that they have been actually assigned to do.

Did you think that the BAU would be split apart forever? Rest assured, they’re not.

In the new sneak peek below from this episode, you can go ahead and get a good sense as to some of what we’re talking about here. Prentiss and the rest of the team are meeeting up in secret to try and figure out what they are going to do in order to solve the latest case. They don’t have anywhere near the same resources that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing them with. This is going to be a struggle, but if there is one thing that we’ve come to know over time it is this: The BAU embraces a struggle and they have no problem doing whatever they can in order to take it on head-first.

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As a matter of fact, during this sneak peek Rossi does his part to remind everyone that this off-the-books way in which to resolve the case is actually reminiscent of the early days of the unit, back before government resources and fancy equipment.

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