The Flash season 4 episode 16 review: Speedster Iris; Thinker Harry?

The Flash season 4 episode 16 reviewThe Flash season 4 episode 16 was promoted rather extensively in advance for the power-swap that was going to take place during it. Due to a bus meta who had the power to transfer powers from one person to another midway through the episode it was Iris West who ended up becoming a speedster. Meanwhile, Barry found himself running the operation from STAR Labs much in the way that Barry has done on many occasions in the past.

It would have been easy for the writers of the series to just tell a story that was about Iris’ struggle to adapt to some of her new powers. However, at the same time this episode was also just about Barry’s own struggles to be a leader back at STAR Labs. Both parties were used to their previous duties and with that in mind, the transition for the two of them was hard.

While these two parties were dealing with their own reversals within this episode, we saw Harry effectively doing the same exact thing in his attempt to get powers — to be specific, the intelligence necessary to battle DeVoe head-on. He realized that he needed to be able to use more brain-power in order to help make the world a better place. Beyond just that, Harry’s new thinking cap also helped to come up with a solution for Iris in the field.

After Iris did save the day (in the midst of a pretty cool sequence and showdown to go along with it), Barry and Iris used the meta responsible for the swap in Melting Pot in order to be a buddy of sorts for Ralph. The two could help each other out, and there is clearly a purpose still for Melting Pot beyond just what we saw in this episode.

Also, at the end of the episode Iris started to write again. Huzzah! Also, in the cliffhanger Harry managed to get the names of the final bus metas … but does he also have powers, as well?

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CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that “Run, Iris, Run” was a pretty fun episode with a lot of different twists to it, but ultimately we do think that this was an episode that was most effective when it focused on characters doing everything that they could to better understand each other.

Also, how fun was it to see Glee alum Max Adler in the role of the meta-human tonight? He didn’t really get much time with Grant Gustin but we do think it was a little nod to their shared history.

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