Jessica Jones season 2 finale review: Is Jessica and Trish’s relationship forever changed?

Jessica Jones and TrishThe battle between Jessica Jones and her mother Alisa isn’t over yet and right now Jessica’s losing big time. When we last saw her she had been knocked out and was riding in the back of her mother’s RV head towards who knows where. Clearly Jessica’s having difficulty killing her mother and now that Alisa realizes that Jessica is the key to controlling her anger she doesn’t feel she needs to go to The Raft anymore.

Hogarth’s loose ends

She may have gotten her revenge on Inez and Shane, but she still has the problem with the partners in her law firm pushing her out of her job. After Malcolm decides to go solo with his private investigation skills he takes a meeting with Linda Chow and is able to get Hogarth what she needs. She meets with her two partners and tells them that she will take their deal but that they will have to double their offer and that she will be leaving with all of her clients to start her own firm. When they refuse, she pulls out a video that Malcolm got at his meeting with Linda exposing that she’s been using the company to launder drug money. Seems that Hogarth came out on top in the end… except she’s still facing a much shorter life with ALS. Once her business is running she hires Cheng on as her private investigator for the firm and we see that Malcolm is now working with him.

Alisa and Jessica on the lamb

When Jessica wakes up she discovers that they are in the middle of no where without any kind of plan. Her mother is still convinced that Jessica is her way to a normal non-murderous life where as Jessica doesn’t want that responsibility (especially if her mother kills again) and wants her to go to The Raft (which Alisa refuses to do). Jessica’s in a bind with this one – she knows if she calls in the police they may all die, she can’t beat her mother since she’s stronger than her and she can’t convince her to turn her self in anymore. Alisa is doing everything in her power to make it impossible for Jessica to leave, even suggesting that as the two most powerful women in the world they could team up and do anything they wanted. Alisa wants to control her anger and make up for what she’s done.

While on their road trip Alisa has a chance to show Jessica what good they could do together when help save a family in a dangerous car crash. This bonds them together in a way they weren’t previously and Jessica decides that she is going to go with her mother across the boarder and see if this can work.

Papers, passports and a tragic end

Jessica calls in a favor from Oliver to get all of their paperwork in order, but with the cops having been through her place they’ve followed Oliver to their meet up in hopes that Jessica will lead them to her mother. After shaking the police (and leaving without any papers or passports), they decide to just drive north for now.

Once they come across a road block they realize that the family they helped turned them in. After detective Costa calls them telling Jessica that it’s too late for her mother, but that it’s not too late for her, Alisa decides to push Jessica out of this mess, not wanting to be the cause of messing up her life or worse – getting Jessica killed. Right in the middle of their mother/daughter bonding moment, Alisa is shot dead by…. Trish! That’s right – after healing remarkably quick, she figured out through detective Costa where Jessica and her mother are, drove down there and shot Alisa. Trish tries to explain that she had to save her from Alisa and that if her mother didn’t kill her then the cops were going to. Jessica tells Trish to run (since she just straight up murdered someone) as the police close in. When Costa shows up, he tells Jessica she did the right thing killing her mother and they look at it as self defense.

The End?

Now that this story is wrapped up, how does Jessica’s life look now? Seems like it’s pretty much back to normal, where she’s back to doing PI work, and still drinking, but surprisingly she is still in a relationship with Oliver. As for her relationship with Trish it’s more than just strained. Jessica in her heart knew that her mother was probably going to end up dead, but the fact that it was Trish that took her mother from her has broken their bond in a way that might not be able to be repaired. Trish still looks at Jessica and sees her sister, where as Jessica only sees the person who killed her mother and only family member she had left.

As for whether or not Trish ended up with powers… looks like she’s discovering that something has changed and her reflexes are quick like a cat… a Hellcat!!!

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CarterMatt verdict

While not every critic out there liked this season, that was not the case for us – we really enjoyed this season. While it didn’t have a villain per-se (Alisa was a sort of villain, but that story was about a lot more then killing people like a Kilgrave), the themes were very much the same from the first season dealing with PTSD, abuse, mental health and addiction. We weren’t sure if the show was really going to work without a big bad like Kilgrave, but we were presently surprised to see that it was just fine. While there is no confirmation yet that Hellcat is going to be part of season 3 (if/when it’s renewed) they’ve definitely left the door open for that which could make Jessica and Trish’s relationship even more complicated if that’s even possible. This was a dark season with a lot of heavy content, but this is Jessica Jones, so we didn’t expect anything else going in.

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