NCIS season 15 episode 18 review: An office under siege

NCISNow that the small NCIS hiatus is over we can get back into some of these storylines that have been set up. First off we think that we met Abby’s eventual replacement on the show in a woman named Casey. She’s friendly, fun, smart and has a quirkiness about her that we have enjoyed so far. While we are sad to be losing Abby, if this is her replacement in the lab then we are happy to get to know her.

Also, let’s talk for a second about that moment between Sloane and Gibbs. While she was at his house for dinner looking through some of his mementos with him there was a very obvious moment where we felt that the both considered going in for a kiss. The chemistry between these two is off the charts and if the show does decide to go in this direction we wouldn’t be unhappy with that.

Tonight, the show could have followed up on either of those moments, but moved instead towards a very intense, almost-bottle episode that was about the NCIS headquarters being attacked after a dead body turned up on the roof. This turned into a battle for survival, with various team members doing whatever they could in order to survive.

What was interesting about this installment was that for most of the episode, you didn’t actually see too many of the regulars. Most of the episode was spent watching Senior, who arrived earlier in the episode, work alongside Abby (posing as Ducky) and then also Torres to try to slow down the gunmen. When Gibbs did enter the frame he was able to do some of what he does best — taking down the bad guys and clearing the path for everyone else. Everything eventually came to a head in a shown on the roof, one where Gibbs and Vance then collaborated in order to make sure that the bad guys were defeated and that, in due time, it would be business as usual.

Of course, now that everything is over we do think that the NCIS office is going to need a little bit of a makeover.

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As for the sideplot of Ducky’s book, we really don’t think that it ended up playing anywhere near as big of a role as we thought that it would. He brought the first draft to everyone in the game.

CarterMatt Verdict

While NCIS season 15 episode 18 was a pretty standalone episode there were some entertaining moments — take, for example, Torres getting really dodgy when it came to the relationship between himself and Bishop, or Abby effectively sleeping within a slab at the morgue so that she wouldn’t be detected by anyone.

In the closing minutes, we did see Gibbs take up reading Ducky’s first draft — and on the roof, no less. Apparently, there is something that he likes about being there.

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