Jessica Jones season 2 episode 12 review: Did an experiment kill Trish?

Jessica Jones Trish WalkerOnly 2 episodes left until the end of Jessica Jones season 2 and things are shaping up to be one heck of a showdown between Jessica and her mother. Jessica has had to make a lot of difficult decisions in her life, but now that her mother has broken out of prison and is on a murderous rampage looking to kill Trish, Jessica is going to have to make another tough choice. This time, sending her mother to The Raft may not even be a choice if she can’t subdue her and Jessica might be facing the very real possibility that she may have to kill her mother. With Kilgrave back in her head as a strange moral compass convincing her that murdering bad people is okay (kinda reminds us of Dexter a bit in that regard) it’s possible that by the time all of this is over she has a 4th death under her belt.

Alisa on the loose

Jessica quickly finds out through detective Costa that her mother has broken out of jail and with Dr. Karl dead she’s pretty sure that her mom is going to go after Trish. After Trish’s mother decides to give an exclusive to a new reporter on Trish’s condition in the hospital Alisa figures out where to find her.

Jessica and Alisa both show up at Trish’s room at the same time, and after a short struggle, Jessica is able to talk her mom down from murdering Trish. Unfortunately she’s not able to stop Alisa from jumping out the window with a hostage in hand (a cop). Leaving the hostage dead, Alisa runs off once again.

Did the experiment kill Trish

When Trish wakes up she’s upset with Jessica for stopping the experiment and more so she feels defeated when she learns that Dr. Karl is dead taking away her one chance to gain super powers. This was a tough talk to watch as these two sisters laid it all out on the table of how they both make the other person feel: Worthless, powerless and both of them wanting what the other person has.

When Alisa calls Jessica asking to meet she agrees, but she doesn’t know what to do or how to handle this. Trish is pushing for Jessica to kill her mother, saying that as many times as Alisa apologizes for killing people and no matter how much Alisa may not want to kill people, she’s never going to stop. Trish tells Jessica to meet Alisa at her apartment and to use Simpson’s gear in her closet to end this before anyone else dies. When Jessica goes to meet Alisa all of Trish’s vitals drop and she has a seizure – is she dying or gaining powers?

Did Jessica pull the trigger on her mom?

When Alisa and Jessica meet up at Trish’s apartment, Jessica pulls a gun on her, ready to kill her if she doesn’t agree to go to The Raft, but her mother tries to reason with her. She tells Jessica that she is the only person that has been able to reach her when she’s trying to control her anger and that none of Dr. Karl’s techniques could do what she did. She feels that Jessica is the key to helping her have a normal life and not kill anymore, so she grabs the gun from Jessica, knocks her out, puts her in her RV and drives away with her.

Hogarth’s revenge

Once Hogarth is able to collect herself, she starts calling pawn shops to find her stolen stuff, and possibly a lead on Inez and Shane. Once she gets a lead on Shane from a pawn shop she picks up an untraceable gun from Turk. Is she really going to go kill Shane or is there another plan in the works?

When she sees Inez on the street she asks her why she did this to her and Inez explains that she never meant it to go as far as it did – the healer thing was Shane’s idea. Inez tries to tell Hogarth that what she feels for Shane is real love, but that also what she feels for Hogarth is also real. Hogarth tells Inez that she has evidence of Shane having multiple women on the go while he was in prison, love letters to others. Not only that, but Shane has thousands of dollars stashed away from these women that Inez has no idea about. Inez starts to buy into this when she admits that whenever she got money she sent it to him too. After tapping into Inez’s anger, Hogarth gives her the gun from Turk saying that she still cares for her and doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Inez takes the bait and goes in and shoots Shane. After Shane is dead, Hogarth calls the police to report the shooting getting her revenge without really having to get her hands too dirty.

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CarterMatt verdict

We know that in the comics Trish eventually becomes Hellcat after a lot of starts and stops along the way and she eventually develops some powers, but they aren’t exactly what she thought they would be. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet that Trish is turning into Hellcat, that’s clearly where they are going with this. We are hoping though that if this is where they are headed with her character that she will get some of the same powers that Hellcat has in the comics and doesn’t end up another superhero with super strength. We aren’t going to get too deep into what her powers are in the comics so we don’t spoil everything for non-comic book readers, but it could lead to Trish getting a very meaty storyline if they are back for a season 3!

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