Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: Andrew’s moping; as the house turns

Andrew MillerThere’s been a good bit of activity going on within the Big Brother Canada 6 house here on day 10, but whether or not it’s good activity is probably up for the debate.

When it comes to the vote itself, what you probably need to know is simply this: Andrew seems to realize that his goose is cooked and with that, he’s spending a good bit of his time moping around the house and complaining about his mistakes in his game and also Veronica. The best thing that Hamza can do at this point is just lay low and not attract too much attention to himself. If he can do that, there is a reasonably good shot that he will be able to stick around for a little while since some other targets could star tot come out of the woodwork.

There are two major takeaways that we have from watching the feeds today.

1. WAY too many showmances – We know that getting one of them a season can be fun, but when there’s enough storylines for an MTV drama it stops being interesting. It’s also confusing who likes who and who wants to be with who. Kaela and Derek are the most prominent one, and they’re so prominent that they get upset about other possible showmances not being prominent. Ugh. There’s so much nonsense going on here and showmances are only fun when they are unexpected — take Ika and Demetres, a pairing we certainly did not see coming.

2. Veronica is a mess – Seriously. She’s a terrible rapper who follows Will around and does crazy stuff around the cameras for no real reason. She’s not at female Frankie Grande levels but we could see things getting to that level before too long. It feels as though she’s trying to give everyone what she thinks they’re looking for, but we’re really not looking for that at all. She’s either going to be gone in a few weeks or kept because she’s really not all that much of a target at all.

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