Jessica Jones season 2 episode 11 review: Kilgrave returns… sort of

Jessica Jones KilgraveJessica Jones has killed again and while the prison guard she killed was a terrible person, it’s not stopping her from thinking that she’s a cold blooded killer just like her mom. Does she have reason to be concerned about this or is she beating herself up unnecessarily?

Does Kilgrave still have power over Jessica?

We pick back up again right where we left off with Jessica freaking out that she’s killed again and with all of the thoughts and voices running through her head one that has creeped in there is that of Kilgrave. We’ve been wondering how he was going to be incorporated this season ever since we heard that David Tennant was coming back for season 2 and this was what how we suspected it would go down. There was a part of us that was secretly hoping that IGH was going to bring him back from the dead much like what happened to Jessica so we could have him in season 3 as a returning villain (this time with mind control AND super strength!), but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He has manifested in her head telling her to make the death of this guard look like a suicide and much to our surprise she actually listened to that voice. After him being in her head for ages telling her to do things she didn’t want to do we thought she would be able to fight that off, but that’s what she went with as she cleaned up the crime scene of her DNA, left a suicide note then threw the guard off the roof.

Where has Dr. Karl gone?

When Jessica shows up at Dr. Karl’s motel room with his passports, she discovers that he’s been taken. Alisa is convinced that Trish has him because of how hard she pushed her to give him up and of course she’s not wrong since Trish was last seen throwing Malcolm in a trunk and going to Dr. Karl’s room with a gun. Jessica vouches for Trish saying it’s not her, but Alisa warns her that if it turns out to be Trish she’s going to kill her.

So what does Trish really want from Dr. Karl? We thought she wanted to turn him in and get justice, but instead she’s driven him to a storage facility to get his equipment. Is she wanting Dr. Karl to transform her and give her super powers? That’s exactly what she wants and after Dr. Karl gets all of the supplies he needs they head to IGH to begin the procedure. He warns her that the super powers were a side effect that he was never able to hone in and depends solely on her DNA, so this is a crap shoot. Trish doesn’t care in the least and is willing to take the risk.

The experiment goes terribly wrong and Jessica arrives in time to stop it before Trish dies. She has a moment where she is ready to kill Dr. Karl and stop him from experimenting on anyone else ever again, but even with Kilgrave in her head encouraging her to kill, she decides not to. Dr. Karl can’t live with the guilt of what he’s been doing and blows up the IGH lab with himself inside while Jessica gets Trish to a hospital.

Needless to say this whole situation has caused a serious tear in Jessica and Malcolm’s working relationship since he helped bring Trish to Dr. Karl instead of helping Jessica like he was supposed to do. Their working relationship is over for now.

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CarterMatt verdict

This has been a really great season so far and we were wondering if it wasn’t going to be as great without Kilgrave, but it has held it’s own without him as a villain. That being said seeing Jessica and Kilgrave battling each other again for control of her mind, (even if it’s in the form of PTSD flashbacks) was such a thrill. Also watching David Tennant singing Trish’s pop song “I want your Cray Cray” made our day even though it got that blasted thing stuck in our heads once again. This episode set up what will likely be the big show down between Jessica, and her mother now that Alisa has seen on the news that Karl is dead and Trish is linked to it just like she suspected.

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