Madam Secretary season 4 episode 13 review: Henry makes a move

Madam Secretary season 4 episode 13After a long break Madam Secretary season 4 episode 13 aired on Sunday night, and at the center of it was a struggle that was somewhat different than any other that we have seen on the series to date.

Specifically, this episode stands out most because of Elizabeth McCord’s dealings with the Sri Lankan President, a man who was taking much of his advice form the spirit world. As it turns out, he and his wife were spending money to an extent that he was causing his own country peril. Were the spirits causing him some problems in that regard? Maybe so.

As for the status of President Dalton, remember that he is recovering still from surgery. Keith Carradine will return to the series, but there is no specific time period for it just yet. In the end, though, Bess didn’t really need the President in order to ensure that the job gets done. What was a little more interesting was that there was another drop-in reminder within this episode that Elizabeth should consider running in the future. That’s no verification that she will, but clearly the series is moving things along so that we can eventually get to this point.

As for other important moments within this episode, seeing Henry’s resignation as Director is pretty far up on the list given that it puts his storyline for the rest of the season into some flux. If he is not going to be in that spot, what will he be trying to do to fill up some of his days? Meanwhile, it’s starting to become very much clear that Matt still has feelings for Daisy after the spirit world revealed that she would find someone to be both a love to her and a great father. He hasn’t acted on it yet, but some of these feelings are now back into the ether once more.

The story of Alison and her roommate

This was probably the most-important plot of the hour in terms of taking on important issues that are not often discussed. Mental health is far up on the list. Alison’s roommate Lucina was growing increasingly dependent on her to the point that it was starting to become unnerving and Ali started to need some space. Unfortunately, because in part she is not a therapist, she didn’t know how to read the signs that something bad was about to happen. Lucinda tried to kill herself, and while she was okay in the end this move prompted Ali to question why she wasn’t more aware of what was happening with her friend. She shouldn’t blame herself but it’s hard not to. She’s human.

In the end, Alison did determine as a result of everything she was going through that she would move home for at least the immediate future and start to commute back and forth for some of her classes. Based on Henry and Elizabeth’s reactions, they are very much pleased to have her around.

CarterMatt Verdict

We did miss Dalton very much in this episode, but we do think that many of the other stories were intelligent, timely, and more than made up for it.

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