Timeless season 2 episode 1 review: Who is Nicholas Keynes?

Timeless season 2 premiere photosTimeless season 2 episode 1 has officially come and gone, and with that we now have even more of a sense as to precisely who Nicholas Keynes really is.

The moment that Lucy’s mother Carol started to seek this man out in the past, one thing was pretty clear: This was someone who, at least in her mind, was mighty important to both Rittenhouse and herself. Now, we’ve gotten more of a sense of that than ever before: Keynes is Carol’s grandfather and Lucy’s great-grandfather, which means that he is a Rittenhouse pioneer and someone who could prove very integral in the organization’s plans to use the Mothership in order to take over the world with a series of just a few master strokes.

In some ways, you can argue that Rittenhouse itself is the cheesiest thing about Timeless, given that you are talking here about the series’ own version of Spectre from the James Bond movies. They are shrouded in mystery, seem to have a number of strange operatives, and often somehow find a way to keep existing almost no matter what anyone does. Yet, they are still compelling and the fact that Lucy is so attached to them makes things interesting.

In order to interpret precisely what Keynes’ plans are for the destruction of most of the world as we know it, the entire Time Team is now dependent on someone who has spent a reasonable amount of time locked away: Garcia Flynn. He has the knowledge to be able to do something about Rittenhouse, but the difficult / challenging issue that the team may have with working with him is the simple fact that he operates with his own agenda and follows his own rules. They have to be prepared for him to go rogue without any sort of advanced warning.

Your Lucy and Wyatt update

The premiere began with Lucy being stuck in the past with Carol because of Carol and Emma’s own commands; with that, Wyatt and Rufus worked together to go and find her. They were eventually successful, and along the way another key piece of information was dropped: Wyatt is definitely in love with Lucy! Rufus called him out on it and that signals pretty clearly to us that we are moving past the season 1 storyline of Wyatt as the grieving widower trying to figure out how to use time travel to bring back his wife.

This revelation should make ‘shippers happy, but beyond just that it should be a driving force in order to get Wyatt and Lucy in the same room together. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, now is there? Their relationship, coupled with the one between Jiya and Rufus, is one of the reasons why Timeless is now so much fun. We started off the series thinking that they didn’t need to get together but after seeing the relationship evolve with the chemistry, it feels more like something that needs to happen.

CarterMatt Verdict

While Rittenhouse remains somewhat of an abstract adversary it’s still hard to deny the greatness of the season 2 premiere, or its status as one of the most enjoyable series of its kind out there. It’s funny, it’s dramatic, it’s adventurous, and it packs just about every bit of content it can into a single episode.

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