TV Madness 2018: Law & Order: SVU and Supernatural square off in Round 1

TV Madness 2018Welcome to another edition of our third annual TV Madness Tournament! This is a fun annual tradition here at CarterMatt where we have some fun, engaging battles between various shows looking to make it all the way to the final round on March 28.

Above, you can see our full bracket, complete with entries, their seeds, and start/end dates. Once you are within the bracket, the dates listed are when the previous poll ends and the next one begins! We’ve got a great group of shows taking part this year, with some newbies as well as others who have been a part of the tournament every single year. The voting rules are pretty simple — you can vote however often you would like on however many devices that you would like! If you are on mobile and you are having a problem seeing the poll at the bottom of the article for whatever reason, be sure to click to view the non-AMP version of the page at the bottom of the article.

In today’s edition we are looking at what has to be one of the most interesting showdowns of the entire tournament. Why is that? It’s a repeat of a battle that took place in the tournament last year! This is the only part of the round 1 bracket where two shows are facing off in a rematch, and this should prove interesting. These are also very different shows in Law & Order: SVU and Supernatural with very different audiences; as a result of that, we imagine that there could be some very different results. Last year, Supernatural won in what we considered to be an upset victory at the time.

Now, let’s get to breaking down these entries further. Voting for this round remains open until Monday, March 19 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Law & Order: SVU (#3 seed) – Even though SVU was eliminated in the first round last year, the show’s performance and ratings suggest that this was an aberration rather than the norm. This particular showdown is going to be a true test of that. The NBC series has went through a great deal of change as of late with Raul Esparza’s exit but the series remains as timely and as relevant as ever — perhaps even more so.

Supernatural (#6 seed) – Meanwhile, we turn now to the CW series, one that continues to be as steady as strong as any other that is out there. Like Law & Order: SVU the show has been around for well over a decade at this point; yet, there is no sign of it ending. What excites us is seeing how the writers are still taking some bold risks this year in between the Apocalypse World and the upcoming crossover event with Law & Order: SVU. Last year Supernatural lost in round two to Once Upon a Time, so it shall be interesting seeing how things go this time.

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Update: Voting is now closed for this round. Click here to vote on round 2!

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