Blue Bloods season 8 episode 16 review: Double lives; Anthony’s choice

Blue Bloods season 8There were many different things that were notable about Blue Bloods season 8 episode 16, but the one that we do think is going to get the most attention is the case at the heart of the hour — mostly because it was so strange.

Ultimately, what we think is going to be the most memorable part of this episode for many out there was the story all about Danny’s latest murder investigation into a man who secretly lived a double life with multiple families. This case went about how you would expect given that there were many different suspects, but where things got interesting is that it wasn’t one of the wives who did it, despite a confession to committing the very act. Instead, it was a son who ended up being the guilty party. It wasn’t done on purpose, but that doesn’t change what ultimately happened and the pain that likely goes along with that.

Elsewhere in the episode, there were some other noticeable sources of pain — Anthony in particular was suffering. Erin wanted him to go along with her on a plan to take down an old cop buddy of his, someone he loved as a former partner. He didn’t want to believe that he was responsible for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars and at one point, even tried resigning in order to avoid involvement. However, over time he started to realize that she was telling the truth and as much as he may have hated it, it’s his job to take down some of the bad guys and that was precisely what she was going to do.

The Erin story was probably our favorite of the night, even if Frank’s storyline about searching for the new Chief of Transit had a few interesting notes to it when it comes to open-mindedness and understanding what really matters when it comes to looking for the right candidate. He struggled throughout the hour with both ambiguity and sifting through the candidates’ past — Frank is not one to get vulnerable, but one of his best moments within the episode came during family dinner when he expressed some ambiguity as to whether or not he was making the right choice.

CarterMatt Verdict

The three separate storylines tonight were all compelling, even if not of this takes away from some of our frustration that there was no big Jamie storyline AGAIN in this episode. He brings so much more than just a presence at FAMILY DINNERS. Still, we appreciate Blue Bloods really examining such important tenants as police loyalty and understanding that things are often far more complicated than they may initially seem at first glance.

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