Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 17 review: Has Jessie flipped?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 17Even before Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 17 came on the air one thing nonetheless felt clear: This was going to be a pretty big episode of the show for Adam. His quest to squelch gang activity in Hawaii was marred by what he considered to be a failure, especially when it comes to the disappearance of some dangerous tanks containing a dangerous gas.

So what happened with the tanks, and who was involved with some of what transpired? The more that the episode progressed, the more that it started to seem as though the movement with the tanks was brought about by a man desperate for money, someone whose funds had been drained in the midst of his wife’s cancer battle. Unfortunately, this said man was in a coma, and it looked as though it was someone he was talking to via a forum who may be responsible for what happened.

Eventually, this entire case for the team led to them trying to figure out what the ultimate endgame was — and, to go along with that, who exactly was under attack in the process. This led to the Task Force effectively having to travel from one building to the next in order to find the target and work to ensure that no lives were lost. This eventually led to the Task Force heading downtown, and basically, we eventually got a good sense as to who was ultimately responsible. The person behind the attacks was Doug, a man out for revenge and wanted to do anything that he could to get revenge for this gas poisoning families.

Ultimately, the Five-0 team did save the day once more, but it wasn’t easy and this was a hard-fought win for the entire crew.

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Other odds and ends

Odell returned this week, as he was dabbling into law and representing some of the people who were victims in what the company was doing.

As for Adam, in the closing minutes he decided to pay Jessie a visit. He wasn’t altogether thrilled; as a matter of fact, he was starting to suspect that she had flipped to the other side. To be specific, she had stopped recording for a specific period of time. As it turned out, she was sleeping with their eventual target — she basically was getting in too deep, and Adam was starting to feel like she wasn’t altogether sympathetic with what he went through.

CarterMatt Verdict

The case itself tonight was certainly intense — those of you who watch Hawaii Five-0 for the action probably loved almost every second of this. Yet, we do wish that there was a little more personal story in the middle act of the episode. The best Five-0 episodes to us have more of that balance and this one was extremely case-of-the-week heavy.

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