MacGyver season 2 episode 17 review: The Chernobyl mission & Matty’s secret

MacGyver season 2 episode 17The start of Friday night’s MacGyver season 2 episode 17 was all about one thing: Trying to contain a secret. That big secret was tied to one Matty Webber, who was tied to Mac’s past in a significant way. There have only been a few little teases here and there before this episode, but we’re now at the point in which things are starting to spiral.

Unfortunately, the problem Mac ran into after learning this key information on Webber was this — having to find a way in which to work the next mission. He didn’t have an opportunity to confront her, and there were even questions as to whether or not they could really even trust her.

The person who was in the worst position of all here was Bozer, given that he was stuck with the task of having to report in to the Phoenix Foundation and work alongside Matty with this secret in mind … and he knew that Matty had a very good tendency to figure out secrets.

The mission at the heart of the episode

The team was sent off to Chernobyl, otherwise known as one of the last places that you would ever want to be, in order to find a target in Sergei — somehow who managed to slip under the radar even though they were in what was largely a ghost town. Yet, as the team went along in this episode they realized that there was so much more going on in this place than it first seemed. Also, Jack hated being there — he was terrified of possible radiation and, beyond that, also complained about every other odds and ends along the way.

Eventually, Sergei was found — and in true MacGyver fashion everything went to hell in a handbasket from there. Even though the team was ready to extract Sergei from Chernobyl they ran into some other problems courtesy of the mob. Interestingly enough, though, MacGyver managed to use the radiation in Chernobyl to his advantage, claiming that they were all radioactive and not worth fighting.

As for Bozer, he found himself getting increasingly paranoid after Matty sent him over to her house to investigate her recent burglary … which he was involved in. Doesn’t that make things difficult? Everything about this entire subplot was hilarious, mostly because it felt almost the whole time as though Matty knew the truth and was just toying with Bozer every step of the way … thought that also could just be Matty’s natural demeanor to ask suspicious of almost everything at all times.

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In the aftermath of the mission the team headed back to the Phoenix Foundation victorious — yet, they didn’t feel altogether thrilled will their victory, knowing that there are still some unresolved issues when it comes to Matty. Mac decided to not clue her in, at least in words, to what was going on just yet. Consider this episode one that doesn’t have a clear open-and-shut ending as of yet. The investigation into Matty continues, and all Bozer and the team can do is try and keep it together.

CarterMatt Verdict

MacGyver season 2 episode 17 was more or less a hoot. While we weren’t quite sure the Phoenix Foundation team was going to be able to find some humor in Chernobyl, they figured that out and made it into a signature case of the week. Also, with Matty’s secret the series now has a signature case that will keep us guessing until the series comes back.

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