Big Brother Canada 6 interview: Rozina Yaqub on her eviction, cooking, and Johnny’s regret

Rozina YaqubThere were so many reasons to root for Rozina Yaqub on Big Brother Canada this season — she was funny, likable, and had an interesting story to tell as an immigrant and a cancer survivor. We wish that there was more time on the show for her to share some of that story with Canada.

Unfortunately, she ended up being the first houseguest evicted this week after a series of events that didn’t go her way. First, she was put into Hell by Andrew following the opening twist of the season. Following that, she then lost the Head of Household Competition, was nominated by Johnny (who accused her of cheering for Paras to win), and then lost the Veto. She left the house in a unanimous vote.

In our first weekly Big Brother Canada exit interview we had a chance to speak with Rozina on the subject of what caused her eviction, if circumstances such as her age and the twist hurt her, and who she’s rooting for to win in the end.

CarterMatt – Have you had time to process going home yet, or is it still too soon?

Rozina Yaqub – I’ve had time to process it. I knew that they were going to kick me out when I didn’t win the PoV Comp — I was horrible at the PoV Comp. I was the easy pick for them and nobody wants to get blood on their hands the first week. It’s just the first week; you want to make sure that you are good with each other.

At first, I was very, very sad about it, but then I reminded myself that this was just a game and I was here to play a game. I just decided to have fun and feel blessed that I was in the game. That’s about it.

Do you think being the oldest player in the game hurt you?

To tell you the truth, the first week went very nicely. They all came to me and I went to them. We had a great connection! It was an awesome group, but we were there to play a game. I had a connection with each and every one, and they would come and tell me that they missed their parents. It gave me happiness to see that.

But, maybe they only wanted a little of it and they didn’t want too much of it.

How much do you blame the Heaven / Hell twist for your eviction? Had everyone been up for eviction, do you think you would’ve been on the block?

Even when I was in Hell, I didn’t think I should have been nominated! I was not the first person to fall down, and I was not the second person to fall down. Why nominate me? It was a silly reason to say that I was nominated because I was rooting for Paras. I did my share on that competition — if I was the first one to fall I would have understood, but I was not! Why put me up there?

What did you do to campaign? We saw you mention in the speech that you weren’t good in competitions and therefore weren’t a threat? Was that what you were using?

I absolutely did. I said ‘please use me, I don’t have an alliance with anybody.’ I used the same campaign with everybody, saying ‘I will be there and I will be faithful.’ But with these youngsters, they don’t understand the trust that they can build with older people. I would’ve been one of the most trustworthy people for them, but it’s going to come back and haunt them soon.

Who were your closest allies overall in the game?

My closest was my baby Hamza, absolutely. Andrew, who I hated and I still hate because he put me in Hell, we started to align together. Even with Johnny — he put me on the block but later on he repented over it. If I had stayed, I would have made an alliance with Johnny, Erica, Hamza, and Andrew. We would have been a strong alliance. I wish I had stayed so I could have showed Canada what this alliance of five could have done.

That’s interesting about Johnny. He regretted putting you on the block?

We had a very good conversation about it. He was very sorry, he felt bad and he said that he listened to the girls about it. What I said was right, but he listened to all of the girls and thought what they said was right. I told him that he wasn’t over where I was during the [HoH] comp so he didn’t know what I was saying! I did root for Paras, but I rooted for Kaela also and said ‘I told the girls Johnny is strong, he is not going to budge. He is going to win the comp. Did they know tell you about that?’ He said no — they were telling him want they wanted him to hear rather than what actually happened.

Why do you think that Andrew put you in Hell in the first place?

I asked him in front of the whole house — you know me, I’m bold and I will ask the question. He said ‘I thought you were very strong’ and I told him ‘you think of me as strong?’. According to me he made that decision to get the boys on his side, but I’m telling you — Andrew is coming out [next].

With you gone, who is going to be the cook now?

I don’t care — they can all eat slop (laughs). I think Andrew is a good cook — he’s not a great cook, but he likes to keep himself busy there. Other than that, they’ll eat some salads and some fruit. They’ll eat some junk, but they won’t get some actual food.

When we spoke pre-game I asked what you were going to miss about your life and you said not much, because you were going to be doing much of the same stuff in the house like cooking. Now that you’re leaving the game, what’s the thing you’re looking forward to doing the most at home?

Cooking, [praying], and listening to music! I can’t wait to cook for my boys — I love cooking. The other thing is that I love the music. I don’t use the iPhone; I love the music in the background with it playing. In the house the music was in my mind, and I still did some of my cooking and my praying there.

Who are you rooting for to win now?

Hamza’s not going to win — he’s a good boy and mama loves him a lot, but Erica is going to win.

Are you excited to dive in and watch all of these episodes?

I’m a fan of Big Brother so I’m going to be watching. I want to see how I did and then also how the rest of the game goes. It’ll give me a better idea as to how their minds [were working].

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