Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: Likely nominations (day 7, morning)

Ryan BallantineThis morning, we’ve gotten some pretty interesting conversations within the Big Brother Canada 6 house … especially when it comes to the backdoor target.

How Ryan is operating within the house is fairly interesting in that he has his target, but he also doesn’t want to ruffle feathers at this stage in the game. He knows that if he goes out on a limb this week, it could end up costing him down the line.

With this in mind, what he’s trying to do this week makes a reasonable amount of sense: His plan is to nominate Hamza and Andrew for eviction, with the idea being that he wants both to have a chance to play for the Veto. Andrew is the target for most of the house and if he goes home, and if he is evicted Ryan gets little blood on his hands and doesn’t have to worry all that much.

Yet, Ryan also knows that Andrew is not coming after him, which is why his backdoor target for the week seems to be Olivia. She doesn’t talk game with him and, in general, doesn’t really seem to enjoy his presence in the game. This is a pretty simply but effective strategy that Ryan seems to be employing here: Targeting someone who clearly doesn’t like him. There’s no way that Olivia will ever work with him so he may as well try to get her out now. If he can get her on the block, there is at least a chance that he can convince the other players to vote her out.

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Here’s the one thing that we do want to point out — it may be coincidental on some level, but it’s still unfortunate. One of the best things about Big Brother Canada this season is its diverse cast. Yet, this would be the second straight week if Hamza and Andrew are nominated that two minorities are going onto the block. Ryan is just doing what the house wants in this case, but do these nominations speak to difficulties that some players have in socially getting along with people outside their worldview? We don’t think it’s anything more malicious than that but there is a disconnect there and we wish that gap was bridged a little more.

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