Is Chicago Fire season 6 episode 14 video: A (possible) pregnancy surprise and more

Chicago Fire season 6 cast photoIs someone pregnant on Chicago Fire season 6 episode 14? The promo below makes you wonder what the answer to that very question is … in addition to some other valuable stuff.

Let’s start with narrowing down the possibilities for a pregnancy here — there aren’t too many female cast members on the show and with that, the choice feels like it’s between either Brett or Dawson. We’re not sure how far Stella and Zach were in their relationship and even if they were having sex, it seems unusual that the producers would go this route given that he is just a recurring character.

With Dawson, it obviously makes sense to have her expecting just because she and Casey have had various degrees of a family already. For Brett, there’s probably the highest possibility for drama just because the father would seemingly be Antonio and their relationship has been super hot-and-cold. Throwing this wrench at them would be a way to bring more of Jon Seda over to this show and cause a great deal of drama to go along with it.

Of course, it’s possible that the pregnancy test spotted in the promo is just a red herring meant to throw us off. It wouldn’t be the first time with this show…

Who gets shot?

That’s another important question to ponder over. It’s hard to make out precisely who is on the receiving end of that bullet, but we do see some footage of someone also in the hospital and Brett and Dawson comforting each other. Unless the video is tricking us, it looks as though Casey, Severide, and Boden are among the people on the outside of the property when the shooting happens. Stella is a possibility (that could bring her and Severide closer together) — whoever it is looks to be a firefighter given they are wearing all of the proper gear.

No matter what happens, NBC is billing this as an extended movie event — with that, you better be prepared for a Chicago Fire experience like no other.

What do you think is happening on Chicago Fire season 6 episode 14, and who do you think is pregnant? Share now in the comments!

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