Chicago Fire season 6 episode 13 review: The crossover ends … with romance?

Chicago Fire season 6 premiereChicago Fire season 6 episode 13 concluded the crossover event constructed the night before, and along the way in that there were some surprises. Luckily, most of them were of the happy variety.

For Brettonio, the episode ended with the two having yet another moment that may give some out there hope that the two will actually get together again — will that happen? Given that they are on separate shows it’s pretty hard to make it happen long-term, but we do think it’s possible. The two can be in a relationship, after all, without having to spend time with each other every week. The relationship could be stretched out more than it is.

For Cruz, it also felt like the second part of the crossover was important when it comes to him finally coming to terms with some of his own feelings for Brett. It’s obvious that he cares about her and it’s great that he does. Yet, at the same time he had to realize that the romantic feelings weren’t reciprocated anymore and he needs to be okay with that. It’s taking a long time but we do think that he is finally at that point.

On the flip side, Stella and Severide seem to be getting near that point again! In the closing minutes tonight the two cuddled up on the couch for a relaxing evening together — they didn’t kiss, but with the Stella – Zach relationship seemingly done, that door is now open.

Were there fun firehouse moments tonight?

Not as much as per usual, but there were a few good moments sprinkled in including Brett using Casey’s office in order to hide from Cruz. Most of the time for firehouse antics was reserved for Fire and PD working together in order to stop the attacks on the media. They pulled it off, but it was intense. The most intense moment of all came actually in the opening sequence, one where we watched Brett and Dawson come very close to being in trouble as they tried to perform a wellness check on a subject while Ruzek made a copy of his laptop.

The closing sequence was also equally intense, but it was fun seeing just about everyone on Fire and PD working together to solve the case once and for all. This episode was more Fire-heavy, but that makes sense– after all, this is Chicago Fire. What else did you really expect from it?

CarterMatt Verdict

It could’ve used a little more Otis (still our favorite character) but Chicago Fire concluded yet another crossover with just about everything that we would’ve wanted. The opening sequence with Brett and Dawson was extremely memorable, and the Brettonio moment near the end should be enough to satisfy most fans … at least for now.

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