Top Chef: Colorado finale: Was Joe Flamm or Adrienne Cheatham the winner

Top Chef season 15 -Who won Top Chef: Colorado — Joe Flamm or Adrienne Cheatham? That was the question at the heart of tonight’s finale, and it was one that was going to put both of these chefs through one of the most grueling challenges to date.

Basically, the finale is all about being able to show off one’s complete vision as a chef from start to finish and delivering what was the most important multi-course meal of your life.  This wasn’t just about coming up with one dish; it was about coming up with MANY dishes that were successful and well-received.

Going into the finale, it was also hard to say who would win. You can argue that Adrienne had the edge just because she was never eliminated from the competition and forced to compete on Last Chance Kitchen, that is a little bit of a false belief. Just remember for a moment here that we’ve seen in the past contestants figure out a way to win on this show despite a previous elimination; Joe also has a lot of momentum. Yet, so does Adrienne. He built up momentum steadily throughout the competition and by the final episodes, it really started to get to the point where she was coming across as someone with a real vision for who she wanted to be as a chef.

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Here’s the funny thing — Joe is the winner, and it almost feels like everyone watching forgot that Top Chef: Seattle happened. Adrienne was an outstanding chef but at the end of the day, Last Chance Kitchen is still a part of the competition. Joe going there doesn’t keep him from winning the title. You can’t take that from him — and we say this as someone who was probably in Adrienne’s corner the past week or two. Both did a phenomenal job tonight, and this was probably the most intense episode of what was a season that needed a little bit of intensity here and there.

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