Survivor: Ghost Island episode 3 highlights: A tribe swap and plenty of scheming

Survivor: Ghost Island cast

Tonight, Survivor: Ghost Island episode 3 wasted little time in order to stir up the game — there was a tribe swap in the early going, and all of a sudden the entire structure of the game is different. We’ve come to love these early swaps since they help to keep the pre-merge from getting dry.

The one major surprise here was that there were only TWO tribes — there wasn’t a split into three tribes.

Naviti – Donathan, Wendell, Libby, Laurel, James, Domenick, Chris, Angela, and Morgan

Malolo – Jenna, Stephanie, Brendan, Michael, Desiree, Sebastian, Kellyn, Bradley, and Chelsea

The moment that these designations happened and the old Naviti still had the majority in both of them, the easy assumption to make was that they were going to be dominant through the immediate future in the game. As it turns out, though, not so much.

Best Move of the Week – How much credit do we give Michael for stumbling onto an immunity idol? Everyone was looking for it on the new Malolo tribe! Still, we give him some credit for at least finding the idol and knowing to look by a tree. (Crazy though — MICHAEL WAS EIGHT when he watched Survivor: China. We all feel old now.

The runners-up here are, collectively, the Malolo tribe figuring out the right people to put in for the puzzle during the challenge. They clobbered the other team and Naviti was going to Tribal Council.

Worst Move of the Week – Chris, who seemed to crown himself king of the new Naviti. He didn’t really have to do ANYTHING and he could’ve been okay for a little while. However, him barking orders at everyone made him a target. Dom may have an idol and that makes him a threat, but it’s not like he is SO threatening that people automatically want him up. We’re not going to pat Chris on the back because he was randomly selected to go to Ghost Island, sparing his life in the game for a week.

Funniest Moment of the Week – People getting mad at Jeff Probst’s commentary in the challenge. This was just a very small moment on the show, but we love it when people give Jeff a hard time! He never seems to mind, either.

Standout Player – We really liked Angela on tonight’s episode, even though the irony was that she was so good at making Chris believe that she was with him that other people actually started to think that they were super-close as allies. We just liked getting her perspective about being in the military versus playing the game. Domenick is also becoming more and more interesting — he’s a little shifty, but he also has so much charisma that he is able to more than make up for it.

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Elimination – Morgan Ricke. This was actually a really short Tribal Council — it started a good 51 minutes into the episode, which was surprising given that there was a lot of intrigue here with a 4-4 split. The only reason why this probably wasn’t longer was probably just because nobody was really altogether willing to tip their cap as to what it was that they wanted to do.

Morgan didn’t do too much that was wrong, at least in comparison to some other tribes in the past. Chris going to Ghost Island hurt her, and so did her and the other members of the Naviti tribe falling victim to a bit of trickery that Angela was going to be the target. Morgan gifted her legacy advantage in the end to Domenick, which is another sign of his social prowess out there.

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