Chicago PD season 5 episode 16 review: Jon Seda shines in 100th episode

Chicago PD season 5 episode 16 review

The 100th episode of Chicago PD started off with a bang — almost literally. After all, we saw during this story an explosion hit a news studio and almost kill Trudy Platt in the process. This was an attack on the media, one of many that occurred over the course of the episode by seemingly a vindictive man who was fired from his job years ago for being possibly involved in a murder case in which he was also reporting on.

Insofar as the case itself, this episode brought a lot to the table — near-constant excitement, action, and ultimately a lot of cooperation between Intelligence and Firehouse 51. Intelligence determined that the suspect was actually someone who had called for paramedics at several points in the past few months, so Intelligence wants to use Brett and Dawson as bait in order to sneak into the man’s place to clone his laptop. Boden and Casey, suffice it to say, are not altogether thrilled with this idea.

The highlight for this episode was actually probably the performance of one actor in Jon Seda. Antonio was really the throughline from start to finish this week, and that’s something that began with him spending a little bit of time outside of Firehouse 51 with Brett. Unfortunately, he also ran into some problems when it comes to his daughter, who he wanted to judge because of a second social-media profile that she had. He thought that she was keeping secrets from him and he wanted to punish her for it — he also wanted to punish a suspect who he felt was keeping information from him and wanted to speak only to his lawyer.

Antonio had to learn a little humility in this episode, but also some listening skills to go along with it. In bringing in this suspect and keeping him there, the man’s life was ruined and there were probably ways he could have made it easier on him. He eventually also realized that he needed to understand more of what his daughter was actually doing in some of those “party photos.”

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What was great about this episode for Seda is that it allowed him to be the action hero, while also still showing off a little bit more of the character’s heart and vulnerability. Given that he has those ties to Brett and Dawson he was the perfect conduit for this story.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Chicago PD season 5 episode 16 was pretty fantastic. You can make an argument that it probably wasn’t enough of a celebration of Chicago PD itself for it being the 100th episode, but it was about as good of a crossover as the series has done with Chicago Fire so far.

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