Bull season 2 episode 16 review: The retrial

Bull season 2 episode 16What Bull season 2 episode 16 presented that was somewhat different from what we’ve seen in the past with this show is actually rather simple: A retrial. This was a chance for Bull to change the fate of a man named Derrick who had been sentenced a good 14 years earlier for a crime that he did not commit.

Unfortunately, overturning a verdict in a murder case is no easy feat, and it doesn’t quite batter if there is new evidence or not. Convincing the jury here is the name of the game and this was not a jury altogether interested in listening. There was still a lot of evidence that still could convince them that he was the killer. Yet, isn’t this why you get Dr. Bull involved? He was able to piece together just enough information in order to turn things around and find the true guilty party: Josh. Derrick’s own friend was actually the person responsible and, by the end of the episode, Derrick actually had a chance to do something that he hadn’t had a chance to do in more than a decade: Be free. Bull was able to right a wrong from the past, and with that, it shows that he has evolved quite a bit when it comes to trial science.

Of course, doing this has taken a toll on Bull’s personal life and we saw a few examples of this over the course of this episode. This included us having him sleep in the office. Also, why is this man so stubborn as to not hire Cable back? She’s still not a part of the series and that bums us out tremendously — there has to be a point in which he wants to bring her back, right?

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The biggest surprise of the episode

By far, it was getting a chance to see the whole Chunk sequence that included him doing an imaginary musical number while also talking about getting a chance to see his daughter again. He had all of these grand visions for what it would be like, only for the reality to be a little more harrowing/depressing: His daughter was understandably upset over him being basically gone for her whole life. How could she expect anything different?

CarterMatt Verdict

Bull season 2 episode 16 was probably the perfect combination of suspenseful and also fun — it wasn’t the most memorable case in the world but that musical number at the end makes up for it. The other disappointment is still not getting a chance to see Cable, even though it’s clear that the TAC misses her and very much could use her. Consider this a possible sign that she will be back.

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