The Flash season 4 episode 15 review: Flashtime and no time

Flash season 4 episode 15

The Flash season 4 episode 15 was an episode like no other, largely because it had to be a thrill for the writers to cultivate. Almost the entirety of this episode happened in super-speed, and it covered just a period of seconds as Barry, Jesse, and Jay all work together in order to stop a nuclear bomb from going off in Central City.

We’re sure that, in the aftermath of this episode, there will be plenty of people desperate to point out that there were some various ways in which Barry could’ve stopped the bomb. None of that matters so much as the fact that he was eventually able to. We knew all along that he would, but there were still some stakes as Barry briefly used each person for advice for however long that he could. There were moments when we thought that Jay Garrick was going to die out there, and at the very end it looked as though Barry was going to be in for some serious medical attention.

Here’s the one problem with this episode: The “previously on” at the start of the episode completely spoiled how Barry was going to be able to stop the bomb from going off. It brought us back to the concept of tricking the Speed Force, one of the only means of pulling Barry out of it at the start of the season.

The only other issue here comes via a review-writing perspective: There actually isn’t all that much to discuss given that so much of the episode, or at least the first fifty minutes of it, was fairly linear. There was a heartbreaking Barry – Iris moment when it looked as though she was going to die. Also, it was nice to see Jesse have some moments with her father, who is clearly still struggling with the death of his wife.

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A few other revelations

The woman responsible for causing so much chaos is Veronica Dale, someone who seems intent on showing everyone the power of a nuclear arsenal in the future. In the comics, she is an eco-terrorist and leader of the group the Eden Corps, who absolutely have a role on the show in some way moving forward.

Meanwhile, Jay Garrick has apparently decided to begin his path towards retirement as he hangs up the costume. Jesse also made it clear to Harry that she understood some of his struggles more — in turn, Tom Cavanagh reminded all of us that he is one of the best actors on the entire show.

Now, the cliffhanger: We saw the mystery waitress again! She’s at jitters, and apparently she was intending to meet Caitlin and Harry there.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Flash season 4 episode 15 was pretty brilliant, even if the start of the episode gave a lot of the story ahead. It just did so much well that it was easy to overlook a few of its flaws.

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