Chicago Med season 3 episode 11 review: A kiss and complications

Chicago Med season 3 episode 10There are a few different subjects worth taking on when it comes to Chicago Med season 3 episode 11, but it feels right to kick off this discussion by touching on the one moment that it was hard to see coming so soon: Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker sharing a kiss at the end of the episode.

The past couple of weeks have seen the two parties flirting casually in the midst of Connor seeing a wide array of other women. He underwent a wild life change in the aftermath of Robin Charles’ leaving, but this moment is him almost recognizing that there is value in him realizing that what he’s been doing hasn’t been bringing him happiness.

Yet, we’re not altogether sure that this is going to please him, either, judging by what is coming up later this season. Dr. Latham is bringing in a high-profile case involving conjoined twins and based on what we’ve heard, it seems as though there’s only going to be room for one of them to take part in the operation. This is going to be SO much more uncomfortable now that the two parties are intertwined in more of a romantic sense.

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Aside from what was going on with Connor and Ava this week, we learned a few different things about some of the other characters. For example, apparently Ethan and April like playing with toy guns in limited clothing. Also, Dr. Sarah Reese’s father arrived and put her father in a precarious position. We know that he is planning to use her more or less for his own personal gain — he told as much to Dr. Charles, who unfortunately is bound by oath to keep it secret. Basically, he is now in a position where he either has to save his career or save his surrogate daughter, someone he cares about deeply and doesn’t want to see hurt.

Meanwhile, we also learned tonight that Natalie Manning has zero chill at all when it comes to some of her feelings towards kids who are not properly vaccinated by their parents. When a father tried to protest her on the subject, she threw both him and his son out of the hospital in the blink of an eye. This storyline showed us an even more intense side of Dr. Manning than we had experienced to date.

CarterMatt Verdict

Another great episode of Chicago Med overall, but it does feel like Ava and Connor were thrown together a little bit too quickly. Also, it would have been nice to see more of the storyline with Barry and his past given that this was such an emphasis of this past episode of the series.

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