The Fosters season 5 episode 17 review: Callie, Brandon find their true calling

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The Fosters season 5 episode 17, (perhaps more so than any other episode in the series) started to actually feel as though it was setting up the end of the series. There were characters figuring out what they wanted out of the rest of their lives while others arrived at interesting crossroads.

For Callie, it was her determining that she officially wanted to go into law for the first time. She may love art, but if the Ximena struggle has taught her any one thing more so than anything else, it is that she really wants to do what she can in order to help others. That’s why she is declaring that she wants to begin that career trajectory. She wants to make the most of the heartbreak that came with seeing what happened to Ximena’s family. While it was determined that she and her sister were allowed to stay, it seems (for now) that Ximena’s parents are going to be deported.

There is no career path out there that suits Callie more, especially in terms of how she can help the largest amount of people with her voice — she already has more experience in the field than most other people her age.

As for Brandon, he determined that he wants to take some of his musical talents and move into a career in film scoring. What the writers for The Fosters did so well with both this story and Callie’s is that they painted pictures for the two characters that were actually realistic. They have big goals, but they are also attainable goals and they’ve already experienced some rejection on the road to getting there. This is how things are in life.

Jude’s setback

Jude’s goal has shown itself to be a little bit different — he is the purest millennial of the entire show, and we’re seeing that manifest itself in the form of him being an internet gaming celebrity. He’s already made money in doing this (though we still don’t understand who would want to sit there and actually watch people play video games… and we say that as a long time console gamer!), but Stef and Lena are understandably concerned about the long-term effects of someone watching him and creating some false impression of who he is — especially with him changing shirts on-camera. Stef and Lena may seem as though they are being over-protective, but think of things in this way — sometimes, it only takes just one predator to destroy someone’s life and traumatize them forever. Do you really want to risk that?

CarterMatt Verdict

The Fosters season 5 episode 17 contained many great moments, but for the most part the weakest aspect of the show remains Mariana and her whole relationship-based storyline that really just feels unnecessary and/or cheesy. While everyone else is making huge steps forward, she is setting herself up to get hurt when Logan and Wyatt feel like they’ve been played and used. We know that there are times people have to go through hard times in order to learn, but how many times does Mariana need to learn this sort of lesson for it to sink in?

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