The Resident episode 6 review: What are Lane, Conrad’s dad really up to?

Resident episode 6The Resident on Fox has shown, at least to date, that it is a series very intent on showing its characters taking on big problems that no ordinary person could.

Take, for example, Conrad battling off some overly-aggressive doctors in order to resolve what was going on with a patient suffering from a chronic ailment. They were all basically doing everything that they can in order to run him through tests and a bunch of things that he didn’t exactly need. What Conrad actually needed more so than anything else was a way in which he could communicate with a doctor … and actually feel like he was heard for a change as opposed to just told what was wrong from people who didn’t know the real facts.

Here’s what came out of that: Conrad actually starting to figure out what was wrong with his patient and helping him. He had a connection with the guy, one that seemed to start in part out of a way to focus on something other than his father, a prominent investor who actually could have given quite a bit of money to the hospital. However, that’s actually not what he wanted — at the end of the episode, he revealed to Conrad that his real goal was to convince Conrad that he’s better off leaving the hospital in a year to come work at his own — after all, Conrad’s dad is opening up some private hospitals and he wants Conrad to run one of them.

Meanwhile, elsewhere this episode brought you the continued efforts of Nic in order to ensure that she could figure out what was going on with Lane and her patients. As the story started to unravel, one thing became all the more clear to her: What Lane may be doing is tied in some way to insurance fraud. She’s playing a little fast and loose with the rules to help herself and because of what she and some close to her were up to in the episode, we almost saw Lily lose her life in the process. She tried to force a transplant that Lily did not need just for the sake of making herself more money.

Nic, with the help of Devon, has finally figured out some of what Lane is up to — now, she just has to figure out a way in which to stop it. Odds are, this is not going to be an easy task.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The Resident does remain a series that is, by and large, about hospital politics. There were patients, but it was a little more about figuring out the right way in which to treat said patients. This was a dramatic, intense episode with some big revelations — by far one of the best of the season to date.

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