Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: NRA TV, Hope Hicks, and so much more

NRA TVThis week’s edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver had a little bit more in the way of competition than it had in the past. After all, this show aired opposite the Oscars! It’s mighty ironic that Oliver’s show is off the air for months when there’s little competition only for it to air on one of the most-competitive nights of the entire year.

Let’s run through now some of the segments that we had to see over the course of the show.

NRA TV – This was the main segment, and for good reason given that this was a “network” that hasn’t had a whole lot of publicity until recently and they actually do some rather bizarre, crazy things with their programming. This felt like a cousin to Oliver’s segment on Sinclair Broadcasting Group in the past. Oliver showed off some of the programming, some of its flaws, and also some of the controversy surrounding it.

Technically, we realize that the segment was a lot about the NRA in general, but the part about the television network (which is still streamed on some providers) was the most notable given that we knew very little about it — and that is as someone who covers TV for a living and has for the past nine years.

Hope Hicks – It wasn’t a long segment, but of course Oliver was going to touch on her resignation and what it means as a whole!

Jared Kushner – This one is important since his security clearance (in downgraded form) does mean quite a bit.

Tariffs – Of course, the show tonight also did touch on this for a moment, which also makes a great degree of sense given the headlines Donald Trump has made for some of his comments on aluminum as well as steel.

All in all, this was a funny, informative show with a lot packed in to a fairly brief period of time. If you aren’t getting a chance to see this because of the Oscars, be sure to check it out after the fact.

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